20| Punching bag

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I am a bag full of sand
Hanging in this room alone
I have companies but they don't talk to me.
My only reason of existence,
so you can beat me.
I'm afraid I might break before my time,
without satisfying your needs,
to calm your anger.
Or just for fun to keep you in shape.
Once you start hitting me you can't stop.
I have seen it all but i guess it would never be enough for the both of us.
I've seen you cry multiple times and i guess it's for the same thing again. You are hurt and you're hurting me too. But that's my purpose right.
Now I understand some people. It's not to justify it but i can understand it now.
With the only difference is that I can't say anything to defend myself.
My biggest regret is to not making you feel satisfied enough and maybe sometimes hit you back unintentionally. I'm thankful you have me.
You have a  punching bag to ease your anger, clear your tension. A shoulder to cry on when everyone is turning their back on you.
I'm here.
I'll be here as long as I'm whole.

~ TINS ~

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