1| You remind me of someone i know

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No door has ever been shut gently
because of every fury and exasperation within yourself. Cost by others who you won't ever discuss with. Because at this point your opinion has no validation. It has watered down and disappear. Just like a cube of ice in the summer. Quick and Invisible.
That's what you've become for listening to the outside, other than yourself. Being judged by those who created you, Making you question yourself.
You remind me of someone close.
Someone who is identical to your actions.
Open the door to a skirt so you can hear the negativity said about your harmless soul. Apparently it hurts others without you even notice
Yeah definitely you remind me of someone.
I can't quite figure out how much the similarities are. So strong even though we're from different dimensions.

I am here and you are there
But we are in the same place staring at each other. You stare at me as you take a step further not taken your eyes of me and asked "why am i here in front of you?"
My heart starts beating fast as I mumble and trying to answer.
It's hard you know
Trying to focus on the future when your past is asking questions. It's hard. Hard to move on this way.
So if I answer this in the right way, will it be different for me as I'm standing here? Or what if the right answer is the wrong answer. It really will depends on the second question.
I rather ask myself this in the mirror than to my past self. Because it really feels like I've been in this position way to many times.
So yeah, definitely you remind me of someone.
So naive and innocent. Never says 'no' because it might hurt. Never take your eyes of someones face afraid of being disrespectful.
Just like a human made for making less mistakes. Straight out of a fairytale story, a childhood dream. But waking up would be a burden if fantasy becomes reality
So yeah most of that has come from something. Someone. But I don't blame a kid for dreaming.
As we grow we'll know
As we know we'll get experience and from that we learn from mistakes and then we'll thrive.
I guess than one kid you remind me off,
is me.
So yeah
You remind me of me.


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