50| You don't know Her

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Every time she open her mouth,
her voice trailed of
Her voice shakes like a train off the rails
It has been covered by other voices.
Screams that is not her own
used as a replica to quote an idea that is hers
But Her own voice has never been raised
Too much noise for her to hear it
But still she tries to be heard.

Her beloved ones misunderstood her
Many times.
They say what they don't know
Her insides say different
But still she won't let it be known
They can keep judging or assuming
What they think they know, it's  not what it is
It's not how it supposed to be
It never was
And it will never be.

The thing is,
You speak from what you have been told from outsiders, not the insider
Maybe you think you know the truth, but the only truth is,
That you don't know her

Prays to the angels she'll one day let them in.
Some might say it will take a while,
But still,
you don't know her.

~ TINS ~

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