8| I wish i could see your face

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Oh big old heart
I got so much to say
I know I haven't been fair to you
But now I'm running away
I know I'm a coward but it's all inside my vain

My heart,
you know I can't help you
And i feel like its running away
your feels is what makes me say these words
But can i stop you from
digging into your own wounds?
Your energy is too heavy
It pulls you into the black hole.
I wish I could see your face

I know you're locked inside me
And my brain is the one who leads
I know I've been so selfish
And You didn't get to choose.
My mind thinks it can handle
But you're the one who feels

You broke into two more pieces
And it's my mind to blame
I'll understand if you left me
It's what I deserve
To not pay attention to you
I understand why you lead me into this darkness.

My heart, i know you won't help me
After all i did
Convince me how to let go, but you're the one reminding me
I didn't forget that you're the one who feels.
I still wanna see your face

"Oh my heart, you can't help me"
I feel like she ran away
A soul leaving its body, is that your revenge?
For make me hurt you.
So I can
Hear all the things you wanna say to me
Make me cry, make me regret, how it feels
Cause I've broken you into pieces
No trial, baby what's left of me
Go punish me For hurting you with myself

My heart, you know I can't help you
She still want to run away
Your feels makes me say these words
Baby I can't stop you from digging into your own wounds.
Your energy is too heavy, pulling you into this hole
And it's all my fault. 💔
But, I still wanna see your face.


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