57| Lost II

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I found myself aimlessly wandering
Lost, with no sense of me
For days that seemed so long, endless and wide.
With no place where to hide.

From this world that seem to be moving too fast without me
I'm here, still stuck in the past searching for something that leads to nowhere

My heart is heavy, my soul is empty
And so is everyone around me
Faces that look exhausted, faded with the light so dim of the darkness in their homes

But even now, we hold on to hope , faith and dreams for everyone, somehow, someday will find a way.
A scope to shine, to glim out of this despair with a light flicker of care

So, i will keep walking on this path of life one step ant the time through this darkness, this endless rock climb, scratching myself to survive and even if I hesitate, I won't quit.
For the light of my future, i will commit
For a better future I will commit

~ TINS ~

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