7| Numb

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I try to keep My distance when I'm mad
I'm trying to be patient but I can't
Some things seems easy but its not
My frustration is inside my love

All I wanted was a real love
But I can't seem to feel that
Too Hard discipline to take it all away

I can't seem to see the light
When I'm alone on my own
Building walls to save my soul

Because I've become numb to all that fondness
You don't wanna see the mess
All that loneliness will transform a future caos,
waiting until it explode.

There is more
Cold heart, unbothered
But you find your way to like it

Too many sayings
But She knows better
Just waiting for the opportunity to fly free
I bet some people will never agree

But is my life
My living
And it seems to be fading
If you keep digging

I can't believe in my own people
The only good ones has gone
I guess there is no good ones left anymore
They are just unstable

You think I'm never gonna be able
To succeed
To prosper,
Because they didn't ?

My only mark
As i grow
Is I'm always gonna be back where It all started
And I'll be numb again from all these fallbacks.

- I can never grow if I'm unstable and numb. It's Not a good combination -

Some day all this numbness
Will be familiarize with my living
Then you won't have to worry
Your words won't hurt me anymore
Your treats won't scare me anymore
And if i become
a vegetable
A rock,
Is only because of you.
My numb heart and
My numb soul
Won't ever disagree.


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