Three Steps Above Heaven

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He slams his backpack to the floor .

Atlanta, dear Atlanta, here we go again.

For the first time, Finn is genuinely glad to be back, and certainly not for the quality of life or his shitty apartment. The reason is just Millie who is now safe, protected and under his same sky, breathing his same air.

Somehow, these thoughts give him all the strength to survive.

After leaving Violet behind and closing that chapter of his life, he drove home, collected his stuff and took that flight that would reduce all the distance he had from Millie.

From now on, he would have stayed with her, and no one would have stopped him.

Fuck it, he gave himself a second chance to stay with the girl he truly wants, sliding his pride and broken heart aside, and he knows, oh, he knows, he won't waste it for anything in the world.

Unbelievable how his mind is all over her. There is not a minute in which he doesn't think about all that they shared last night. A whirlwind of emotions that exposed their feelings once again.

It was always like that with Millie, since the first day he saw her in that studio in Los Angeles for their chemistry read; a constant back and forth of love, hate, love, hate... that they put to an end for good. With time and patience, Finn knows it, they would learn to accept each other again.

There is this need inside him that pushes him to stay around her air, buzzing around her like she was the flower and he was the bee. Especially now, when he shared his bed with her and those moments of vulnerability, holding her with these two hands and kissed her like the world could crumble beneath his feet.

He wants more. A taste of that wasn't and never will be enough to dissipate the craving he had of her.

It's almost midnight, and the first thing he thinks about is calling her and being lulled to sleep by her voice. His head is full of her and everything she has: smile, hair, scent, body, words. She is the whole package, the Christmas gift under the tree that he couldn't wait to unwrap.

That temptation is strong, sure, but he still knows better. It is quite late, and Millie is probably sleeping—and ruining her rest wasn't his intention.

He wanted her energetic and awake for what he planned to do the following days; he did a lot of thinking during his flight, about all the things they could do together.

Some of them, he must say, didn't really belong to the Bible.

But he couldn't help it: she was the sexiest little thing ever. Her, with her uptight attitude, her sensual olive body, her way of being that absolutely drove him crazy. Such a sight, he couldn't even understand how he got blessed to be in her presence.

But despite his pure, uncontrollable desire and lust, he wouldn't do anything she wasn't ready to do—wait, about that.

Didn't she make it clear some months ago that she those type of experiences with someone else? Or was it a lie? Would she lie about that?

He shakes his head. It doesn't matter. It's none of his business.

"Fuck that guy, anyway. She's mine." He tells himself, in a mere act of self-care.

Because she is, even if he doesn't dare to say this out loud yet. He wonders if she thinks of him as hers too.

"That's it. I am so damn possessive." He groans as he lets himself fall backwards on the sofa.

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