Flicker of Love

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The following days were like a fire flaring up, spreading across the Internet at neverending speed.

Predictably, Millie and Finn's pictures were everywhere.

There was not a single social media that is not talking about the "motel hook up" and Millie's phones (both personal and business one) have been blowing up since then.

But she doesn't have any intention to check them. Quite literally. It's the last thing she will ever do.

Usually, when rumors get out of hand, Millie takes her time and avoid any public source that could talk about her. It's her only way to defend herself: closing the red curtains and step away from the spotlight.

In fact, instead of overthinking about that bizarre day spent with Finn, Millie is in the comfort of her pajamas, plopped down the couch while cuddling her little sister's hair as they chat and watch the tv.

She needs to let her mind fly away as her parents are back in the kitchen talking on the phone with someone she doesn't even care about. It's probably her management or some other stuff she has to promote.

Things have been tensed in her family since Finn went away. Robert hasn't talked to her since then, and the only intermediary between them was either Ava or her mother.

Now, she definitely knows where she got her petty side from.

Her fingers tangled up in her little sister's long blonde hair, caressing it with all of her tenderness as Winnie is sleeping in the middle of them, curled up into a ball of fur and love next to them.

When they didn't tease or annoy each other, Ava and Millie both loved having their sister-bonding time. It was their way to feel normal siblings, and not celebrities.

They were just common, a fact that people still refused to accept.

Millie breathed like all human beings, had feelings, troubles, and thoughts. Her very heart was sweet and delicate, but it was also considered as a useless thingy when it came to gossip or writing mean stuff about her. As if her emotions weren't taken into consideration.

It was especially when she turned thirteen that Millie started to notice how fame wasn't the same marvelous thing she discovered with the first season of Stranger Things. The dark side was way more overwhelming and self-destructive.

"Hey. You didn't tell me how was the party, Mills. Did you meet someone interesting?"

Ava doesn't know about a thing about the fight or the motel intercourse.

She was having a sleepover at her friend's house that night and when she came back home, Finn was already far away from the Brown's mansion.

Caught off guard, Millie hums, trying to show off the most convincing smile.

"No, they were the usual people. Didn't meet anyone remarkable."

Ava scoffs loudly. "What a shame. Caleb and Sadie will marry, but you are still single? Laaaame."

For being eleven years old, Ava is quite smart and sassy. Also terribly blunt, for Millie's desperation.

"Hey! I am not lame!" She frowns hard. "I thought you were happy that you'll have me around for some more time?"

"No," Ava puffs. "When are you going to marry? I want to buy a pretty dress for the ceremony like I did for Paige's one!"

"Ava! You want me to marry just because you want to dress pretty at the wedding?"

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