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It was a new day in New York, and life never stopped to be frenetic outside: taxi cubs engulfing the streets, tourists swarming in any museums or site of interest, women in career tapping their heels on the cold ground. That was common routine for whoever lived in there.

But not for the ex Stranger Things Stars.

There was something special happening that day: it was the 13th of October, that meant someone was celebrating his birthday.

So, in the moment Caleb McLaughlin stepped a foot in the kitchen while rubbing the sleepiness away from his face, a myriad of multicolored confetti fell on him, as his friends were shouting a simple and loud: "Happy Birthday!"

"Jeez guys, it's 8 a.m. I'm still sleeping, just with eyes open!" He replied happily, walking to Sadie first and pulling her close to him.

Of course, the idea of the confetti was hers, he had no doubt about it. His hands caught her angelic face and before rubbing his nose against hers, he stole her a deep and lovely kiss on her lips, "Thank you, babe."

Sadie smiled happily, "You're welcome. And just for today, no quinoa seeds into your salad! "

"Best birthday gift ever." He chuckled, thanking the God above for that literal present.

Then, he walked to Gaten and hugged him, "Thanks mate, you're still my bro bro for life."

"Hey! No need to quote the idiot!" Millie glared at them, but not that seriously.
She knew they were goofy like that!

"Sorry, Mills. It's just too funny to say."

Caleb smiled back, as took a glance of Noah, Millie and Finn; and he caught all of them in a group embrace. Naturally, Noah acted like a barrier between the two ex costars as that warm cuddle was going on.

"Thank you guys for being here. It really means a lot." And he couldn't be more serious.
He missed all of them, a whole lot.

It was easy before, you see; the six of them had the certainty they would see each other again, once the set would be back and they would spend some months in Atlanta, joking and acting together, playing board games and growing up side by side.

After the last season shooting, though, they didn't see each other anymore... and Millie, among all of them, was the one who suffered the most.

Not that she loved the show more than the others but... that was her life, her family; she started from there. And she couldn't imagine a life without Stranger Things, the people creating it, Duffer's screams, Shawn's advice, David's hugs, Sarah's cuddles, Gaten's jokes, Sadie's laughs, Caleb's dance, Noah's immaturity or Finn's lovestruck smile. It was a piece of her life, and something that important can't be left behind so easily.

"You know we always can make you feel special!" Noah chirped, hugging him once more, this time alone.

Millie clapped enthusiastically, as she finally got him in her arms too, "I love you so so sooo much big bro!"

"Me too, Millie. Remember you still can count on me when it comes to men bothering you." He squeezed her cheek sweetly.

"Duh, you're like my bodyguard!" She joked, so happy to know that at least four of them still loved her at the very beginning.

"Hey, bro. Come here." He opened his arms expecting Finn to hug him, and without hesitation, he did.

Finn still loved embraces, especially from one of his dearest friends. Caleb always knew him; he even used to give him dating advice in the past — for Millie. They never worked out (but there was no need to tell him).

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