By Your Side

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After a couple of hours, Grace finds them on her bed, laying side by side, both facing one another and enjoying their silent company.

Their slumber is profound. They seem comfortable in each other's presence, especially Finn; he looks so peaceful, as if any problem couldn't reach him or bother him as long as he stayed there, next to Millie.

"Come on, bud. Time to get up." Grace pats his shoulder a bit.

"Mmh..." Finn rambles with his mouth furred from sleep.

His eyes open slow, adjusting to the afternoon light. He doesn't get the position in which he has just slept. Actually, he doesn't know where he is or what is happening.

All that he sees are his fingers tangled in Millie's hair, those warm shades of brown and gold, kept together by those two pigtails. She is unaware it as her sleep goes on.

He drags out another tired groan but his hand stays there. It doesn't move an inch.

It takes him ten seconds of intense thoughts before even contemplating the idea of letting her go. Painful as it already is, he knows he doesn't have the right to touch her like this. As if Millie was his girl, his partner, when in reality, she never was.

He gives her a mortified look as he retracts his fingers, pulling himself apart from who once gave him all of his happiness.

Time to establish some boundaries again if he was a fair man.

This was not because of Millie, but because of his own moral and principles. He wouldn't like seeing Violet doing the same with other guys.

So no more dances. No more hugs. No more kisses. No more caresses. Nothing.

He could help her, stay by her side, without doing any of these things, and everything would have been alright.

But once again, Finn underestimates that faith can play some tricks, promises can be broken, and that his willing is only a mere superficiality playing in that game called life.

With bad hair (and bad breath) he walks out the bedroom, does a little stop at the bathroom, slips on his boots, collects Millie's clothes into a plastic bag that Grace gave him and comes back to the room to wake her up.

He shakes her shoulder softly. "Hey sleepin' beauty, wake up."

While kicking out a whine, the first thing Millie thinks about in that blurred room is "What year is this?"

The nap made her lose the perception of time.

She whimpers, shaking her head. Her eyelids open slow and the darkness reshape the light into gentle contours that are Finn's face. All cheekbones and sharp jawline, and a pair of sleepy eyes stuck on her. Those wild, thick, black cutie are framing his doll-like face.

Her heart pounds at the view, feeling feverish, dizzy—almost walking between the twilight zone.

Millie sighs dreamy, drinking the sight of him so close to her face. "So hot."

"Uh? What?" Finn snorts a laugh.

She snaps her eyes open, suppressing the panic like the good actress she is. "I mean—I mean I feel hot. Very hot in here."

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