Make a Wish

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Louis must say that the picnic took a strange turn with that whole stargazing conversation.

While narrating, Millie's voice was terrible slow, bittersweet and filled with inaccessible memories. He would love to be part of them, but he also knows that her past is still a huge blank gap that he can't fill.

However, that same past leads to the present, and right now, he loves how comfortable she is to tell him something about her deep thoughts. It makes the relationship between them even stronger and healthy.

Millie is napping against him, face pressed into his chest while he is still staring at the moonlight above them. Each star that is twinkling light corresponds to the sound of his heart beating.

It's undeniable how much he is falling in love with her.

Carefully, he looks down at her, getting blessed by the beautiful vision sleeping snuggled against him. Her nose is getting red for the cold, and her breathe is stable, following a constant rhythm.

Louis can't help but steal her a tiny kiss on her head, letting her mumble some sleepy nonsense when his lips disconnect from her. He wishes her all the best dreams in the world.

He also wishes he could stare at her beauty more, but the air is getting chillier and it's past midnight now; they have to go back inside if they don't want to hibernate. The fuzzy blanket covering them is not enough to protect them from the cold.

He is about to get up when Millie's phone buzzes. Her slumber is so comforting she can't bother to wake up and pick up the call.

The device is literally there, standing between them, with a clear "Unknown" displayed. A call at midnight could be suspicious, especially when she had a stalker on her back.

Louis looks around, scratching the back of his head: he is conflicted, but he knows what to do. He takes it in his hand and brings it to his ear, letting her drown in that peaceful and deserved sleep. If this is Mason, he knows how to scare the hell out of him and let him back off from her once and for all.

But when he picks up the call, that is not Mason. It's Finn Wolfhard blurting out slurred words and nonsense.

"Hi, it's me. Finn. I know you deleted my number."

Why did he call Millie at such hour of the night?

"—Before you say any dumb bullshit, I am fucking wasted. Because of you. Because I always... always think of you."

Now, Louis feels his frown growing deeper. He can't stop it. The flame of jealousy flares up until it turns into a fire.

There is nothing that can stop his annoyance, the disgust he feels towards this man. He needs to stop thinking about Millie since he already has his opportunity and he completely waisted it.

"You told m-me you wanted the stars. I remember that—that... night. You weren't sure. You weren't sure because you... you didn't love me."

Slow, Louis processes what Millie told him some minutes before about her being sure about something and the stargazing thing.

He was right thinking it was about Finn, and this leads him to another thought: that whatever thing he did or will do, Millie would compare it with her past experiences with this other guy.

For this very reason, he doesn't really know how to feel about this situation.

"But I know you do now. I know you do. Heart rates didn't lie. It didn't. You want me— you want me, baby starlight. All of me."

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