When The Party Is Over

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"But now you need me here."

At the sound of that affirmation, Millie feels the amazement sink in, and her pouty lips stretching into a small grin. The world has stopped to spin, and so does her ability to blink, move, or think.

Like a vision, Finn is standing right in front of her, and he is folding his denim jacket on the drawer, resting his phone and wallet on the top of it.

"What— what are you doing?"

Her question is quite pointless, since she knows that he is going to stay there.

Or at least, she truly hopes so.

Having high expectations around Finn Wolfhard was not the best of the ideas. After all, he was still the one who took the joy out of her; the one who did not invite her to his party; and the one who refused to film lovey-dovey scenes because of his damn pride.

"What does it seem like?" He rolls his eyes at her obvious question, walking past her and reaching for her bed.

This situation is weird, scary and new. He was blaming her about his girlfriend thing just some seconds ago, so she can't understand why he has changed his mind all of a sudden.

"Wait—you're going to s-sleep with—" She can't even say it because it sounds ridiculous as she looks at him grabbing the white sheet of her bed.

"What? No! Are you fucking insane?" He can't help but frown, finding the idea out of that world.

"Well, what should I think? You are sitting on my bed!"

Millie is so embarrassed that she is unable to module the stridule pitch of her voice. But she didn't expect this, nor predicted it. Once again, life could be so mysterious...

"I am about to put you to bed. That's it. I am not involved in the process." He remarks with the usual annoyance, as he is busy unlacing the strings of his boots and kicking them away.

"Oh." She states, quite simply.

"What? Disappointed?" He raises a brow but he can't mask the wicked smirk appearing on his face.

That is the first time his lips do something very similar to a smile. But a swallow doesn't make a summer and the road to see the delicate side of him again is long and winding.

Because no matter what has just happened or his previous soothing words: Finn still hates her, and that certainty kills her.

"Why should I be disappointed?" She retorts the question to him, still with her arms crossed to her chest.

He shrugs his shoulders, as he is fluffing her pillows now, "I don't know. Maybe you had the fucked up idea that I wanted to sleep with you."

Millie can't explain why her face starts to combust all of a sudden. This hot flush seems mottling her face in a bright pink that she can't ignore for as much as she tries. Maybe it was because of the memories... There was a time they got very close to that. But it never happened, for one reason or another.

"How in the world would I share my bed with an asshole like you?" She yells back, her cheeks getting puffy.

God, no matter what, Finn is still so irritating. He is born for being an A+ asshole.

She asks herself if he's still the same kind person who has stroked her face a while before. The same lovely guy who said that around him nobody would ever hurt her.

"Cause you have the hots for people who treats you bad." He slips through his lips, not minding how hurtful these words could be.

God, not even him!
Noah told her exactly the same some weeks ago. Was she really attracted to toxic people?

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