Ready, Set... Action!

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The day has finally come.

It is the 7th of December, and the noise in the building is intensifying. Millie's heart is hammering hard into her chest, almost ripping out of her throat, as she is approaching the conference with all of her hopes buried inside of her guts.

Followed by her trustworthy body guards, she is a simple walking miracle.

In all of her grace, she looks cozy in her red high-neck jumper, high waisted blue jeans and black velvety boots with a hint of heels. Her hair is twirling in her hair, bouncing in splendid waves of honey each time she takes a step. Accentuating her features there is just a thin lay of olive foundation and a red gloss contouring her lips.

From afar, she can hear Noah's voice being loud as hell as he is (almost probably) tickling Sadie's hips and bothering her like the usual brat he is. Even Gaten and Caleb's hilarious laughs are melting in the background. They are her best friends, her family, that once again has come together for the final show.

"Miss Brown, this way, please." A man says, pointing at the door on the left.

Millie is the star of Stranger Things, she doesn't need presentations or people asking her for the pass once she shows herself at the door of conference room. A member of the crew opens it for her and she walks in, amazed by the huge rectangular table at the very center.

She is ready for that table reading.

It is nothing new, really; but she feels excited (and a little bit scared too) to begin this new adventure.

Dozens of people are in there; they are chatting, laughing, drinking their morning coffee as Matt and Ross are distributing bottles of waters and the holy scripts on each seat. Joe, Charlie, Natalia and Maya are discussing about Charlie and Natalia's imminent wedding, while the kids were just messing around — per usual.

She breaths in pure satisfaction, her joyful eyes capturing every detail around her; it feels so freaking good to be home again.

"Millster!" Noah explodes, running towards her and catching her in his arms, "You're here!"

"Oh my God, Millie!" Sadie is way more composed than Noah and, still, she exudes sweetness from each freckle scattered on her face.

Hugging her best friends is what she needs the most, especially when the enemy and the cause of her anxiety could be getting closer and closer, taking all of her breath away.

"I missed you so much, guys." She hugs them tight, so tight like leaving them would correspond to immediate death.

"We missed you so much too." Sadie whispers to her ear as her hand sinks on the back of her head.

"And this short hair? You look so pretty!" She adds, admiring her better and locking a strand of hair between her fingers.

Millie grins in gratitude, "Thank you. I wanted a change! You know, El with long hair would have been weird!"

"Can't believe I am saying this but oh shit, here we go again!" Gaten says, approaching them with Caleb by his side, showing off his teeth adorned by silver braces.

"So, we ready?" Caleb asks, rubbing his hands in satisfaction.

Millie is about to ask the question everybody seems to avoid, but another voice comes in.

"Here they are!"

The voice belongs to no one else than Shawn Levy. After all of their projects, the dream is finally fulfilling: releasing a movie in order to conclude the saga is the best gift they could give to their fan base and a way to conclude a decade of success.

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