Killer Party

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Watching Millie quitting the room, Finn cursed himself. And not for the things he said to her, no; but for breaking the promise he had made to Noah.

He didn't follow his advice and completely
screwed up the only chance he had to act like a decent person; Millie was also mad as hell (not that he cared) and, cherry on top, he was trapped on that orgy of celebs for the whole night.

Parties were not his thing, clearly. Especially when he didn't know half of the people in there, and when every single action could be recorded and uploaded online. Yes, maybe it wasn't the party itself that scared him, but the fact that he knew someone else would have seen it.

And commented.
And reposted.
A single, miserable error that could ruin your career.

That carousel of thoughts made him even more anxious. The sensation paralyzing him was always the same: you feel trapped into a cage full of people that dissect, analyze every little thing you do.
And even if the alcohol, smoke and pleasant one night stands can numb your broken being, you are still alive and somehow, you still comprehend that you're unhappy, but you can't do anything about it.

Like seeing your life through a glass.
But you are unable to crush the crystal wall and save yourself.

He groaned in frustration.
Fuck it, it was about to be one of the worst moment of his life, but he had to struggle and manage til the end of it just for the happiness of his friends.

After all, he didn't want to be the partypooper, did he?

So, his hands looked frenetically for the anti depressives he took with him in his bag, gulping down the usual two pills.
Harshly, they made it to his stomach.

He was trying to calm himself down when his pocket vibrated. Somebody was calling him; and it couldn't be worst moment, honestly.

He brought the phone to his ear, sighing loudly, "Better be important, Ryan."

"Just wanted to check if you were still in New York or if you ran away!" His manager chuckled on the other side of the phone, actually worried by the outcome of that party.

Finn and Millie couldn't ruin that night. They just couldn't for a infinite list of reasons. Melanie and Ryan, their managers, had to make sure that this party would go perfectly. They put all of their hopes on those two stubborn heads of theirs.

"Still here." His silhouette elegantly swayed to the window, swiping away the cotton curtain with just a finger and observing the starless sky above him.

He just wanted to go home, in Canada, and be around his brother... being happy again, enjoying the simplest things and forgetting once and for all the demons playing inside of his head.

"Well, just be a good kid and have fun. If you can, talk a little bit with Millie. Just show the guests everything is fine between you two, will you?"

He raised a brow, "Why do you even care this much? Ryan, this is not a fucking tv show. It's my life, I don't have to fake to be friend with someone."

His manager's voice sounded quite mervoud, "Yeah— Yeah. Of course! But people still observe you and ex Stranger Things fans would die to see a pic of you and Millie, you know."

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