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After a flight of approximately four hours, the crew lands in Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Millie is trotting across the airport (honestly way too excited), arms linked to Ross and Matt's ones as her laugh explodes into the thin air. Right now, she is experiencing a new type of enthusiasm flowing through, like a giant wave sweeping her away.

Finn is somehow walking parallel to her with the rest of the crew, headphones tucked in his ears. You would expect for him to do the usual thing: blasting his favorite traveling playlist and bursting his eardrums.

However, when his eyes land on Millie and his ears catch her laughters, he decides there isn't another music he needs to listen to. He simply turns the volume of his music down, hiding an humorous smile as his eyes are stuck on her.

Millie being happy was simply something extraordinary in such bad time of her life, and Finn won't take it for granted.

It only takes an hour or so for being transferred to the hotel: they will be driven to Four Seasons Hotel so all the crew can take some good hours of rest before starting to film in the early afternoon.

Once they step into the building, the luxury doesn't leave them speechless or amazed. They are used to it by now, especially Millie: in eight years of career, there is no hotel room that could amaze her anymore.

That type of sugar coated life is embedded in her lifestyle so much that the slightest idea of a standard room corresponds to a five-star suite with skyline view.

The hotel they are staying at during the trip will make sure to fulfill those glamour expectations.

In fact, Four Seasons Hotel offered the cast and crew the Presidential suites, each of them standing in line: Millie's one is right in the middle of Shawn and Finn's ones.

"Okay, guys. We'll see each other in two hours and we will be back to work!" Shawn says, pinching Millie's cheek and winking at Finn before disappearing behind his own hotel's room.

He always had this father-mod on whenever he was around his kids, even though it was pretty established that they were young adults by now.

As Shawn closes the door, Millie plays with the magnetic card in her fumbling fingers, standing in front of her door, taken aback by her own thoughts.

"Mill, you okay?" Finn calls for her from a little bit distant, almost ready to get inside his own suite.

She snaps her eyes open, nodding frantically. "Uh... Yeah. Yeah, just a little bit—"

The truth isn't that Millie doesn't even know what to say.

She can't believe she is really here, ready to film and spending four days by his side. It's like a dream come true, and she wants to pinch her arm to prove herself that all of this is real.

You see, since she came to terms with her heart, it can't be put on mute anymore. She can't ignore the weight of her feelings: they are so deeply rooted in her heart that she wonders for how much longer she is able to hide them from him.

"Tired?" Finn finishes the sentence for her.

She shakes her head, suppressing a sigh. "No. I think I'm—I'm a little bit overwhelmed, that's all."

He scowls, looking around the corridor.

"By what?"

"By being here," Millie tips her head to him, glimpsing a tiny grin. "With you."

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