Feel My Heart

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Just like that, in a snap of fingers, Finn finds himself hanging around Six Flags, the place of his teenage years, with Caleb, Gaten, Millie and her improbable English date.

Amusing, really.
It's so funny he even forgot how to laugh.

It's been thirty minutes since he has met the happy couple, and he still can't get over the fact that Louis and Millie are ruining his Saturday and his "boys only" quality time.

There he goes, Finn, walking behind the couple as Gaten and Caleb are discussing about things he cant even hear. All that his ears perceive are Millie's light giggles anytime Louis whispers something to her, secret declarations just meant for their complicity.

This reminds him of something far away.

Finn leans in, resting a hand on her ear, "Your mom."

Millie can't resist his foolish whisper and, very easily, she bursts out a laugh right in front of David, the camera man and the Duffers.

She expected something way more deep than a eighth grade insult but, it was Finn, and the situation she was in was absurd: David couldn't get the scene done and they were all laughing way too much.

Sometimes, deep things are left for other occasions.

Back to the present, Finn feels like someone has punched him right into his chest, ripping his bones one by one. A torture he clearly didn't deserve.

Mind it, he is not jealous at all. He is just annoyed because she really did manpolize his afternoon again.

Everyone always must do what she does because little Millie needs comprehension and love; the rest? It isn't as important as her.

"Fuck off, Finn." He tells to himself.

He is just being purposely mean now, he knows it; and he doesn't want it. He promised Violet and Nick he would be the better version of himself, and letting all of his grudge go could be a pretty good start.

So, he tries his best. But when he shifts his look on them, so affectionate, walking around as nothing bothered them...

Well, this image makes him want to vanish from the face of the Earth. It reminds him of them and their teenage years, and for as much as it didn't pass that much time, he feels like it was an eternity ago. An empty, dull space of time in which he destroyed himself for her.

"Open your mouth." Millie giggles, feeding Louis with that soft cloud of pink cotton candy in his mouth.

His nerves tense, and his jaw clenches so tight he can feel his facial bony structure cracking. There is a bitter, rotten knot of unspoken feelings in his throat that he can't gulp down for as much as he struggles.

Goddamn it. It is so fucking difficult to let his hurt pride go.

"Wait." Millie laughs again, making him sign with her index finger to come closer, "Come here."

Is she doing this on purpose? Why does all of this situation making him feel nervous?

Louis seems surprised as he lowers himself a bit, "Uh? What?"

Finn sees it coming. Knowing her too well could be both a bless and a curse; that silly grin she has and her adorable fangs showing means just one thing: a catastrophe for his heart.

There she goes brushing a delicate and innocent smooch on Louis' cheek. It snaps loudly in the sugared flavored air. "Just wanted to make you as sweet as me!"

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