Nothing Else to Say

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Someone told Millie the most marvelous things happen in the after-parties. Most of the time, this statement ended up being right.

After parties were like the backstage, the moments of truth. When the camera was off, you could be yourself at your fullest and live moments in time you want to cherish and never forget.

Right now and here, she has the complete certainty of it: the most marvelous (and unexpected) thing happened to them last night.

In the new day, Millie feels reborn, her mind put at ease after an insufferable amount of months. All it took was letting out the most important secret she has been carrying in her heart for eight months, since the day she saw him in that house in October.

"I love you, Finn. I love you with every fiber of my being."

She told him that she loves him, and now he is aware of it. His reaction? It translated on her skin, like a silent body-painting that gave her all of the shades of the rainbow she could wish for. He turned her into a piece of art.

As Millie looks at herself in the mirror of Grace's crumpled bathroom, she contemplates herself.

In all that she is, she feels different, starting from the lightness of her heart to the feeling of her skin, today, a little bit more used to be touched in ways she has never experienced before.

The daisy-patterned cotton sheet all around her is soaked with the familiar scent of him and alcohol, and it shapes her form perfectly, adhering in both of her sides and highlighting her hourglass curves, hiding what's beneath.

She subdues a smile, opening the stream of water from the sink faucet. And just like the cold water flows, her memories of the night before flow, too...

"So? How do you feel?" Millie asks softly, her eyelashes batting at the sight of him. She couldn't be more in love.

Still in the middle of the on-going party, drenched in champagne and far away from the people playing pool in the other room, they are cuddling on the sofa, savoring their moment together as if it was the last one.

Finn knows that if someone asked him to show them happiness, he would play this right second for all eternity.

He brushes her neck with a hand, lips puckering on her skin. "I feel happy." He softly grazes his mouth up to her ear. "Blessed." Now, his eyes are locked on hers. "Amazed by you."

If his eyes could speak, they would tell everything and beyond. "Feeling like you are too perfect to be real. And if you're not, please, don't wake me up."

All that Finn wants is her.

Every word he utters is a tiny piece of happiness that she collects in her heart. The way he stares at her is different from any other time—and she can confirm it as she saw him in any context. Enraged, sad, happy, anxious, jealous, annoyed, but not like this. Not like he has finally found his peace of senses.

He slides a hand down and reaches for the small of the back, pulling her to him and annulling the little distance between them.

"And what about you baby Starlight? How are you feeling?"

She places a hand at the level of his heart, his sudden rush of warmth and touch making her legs weak despite being laid down. But the rest of her is anything but puny.

She feels like the world could end and she wouldn't give a damn. She feels invincible, with a strange fire taking over her senses and rationality. She feels like everything she wants, it's in her hands. She feels like she is helplessly in love and she doesn't want this feeling to ever end.

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