Can you keep a secret?

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If the night should make things clear, in Millie's case it just brought even more troubles and uncertainty.

After some restless sleep, the alarm goes off off, the soft and common tune ringing in her ear and taking her back to the living.

God, how much she hates waking up so early.

She turns it off by slamming her fingers on it. Then, she throws the phone away from her and she rolls on her side with a harsh turn, arm angled and stuck between her head and pillow, face covered till her chin and nose.

Her eyes are lost in the early morning light, shining like pearls as they adjust to the whiteness of the room.

Safe to say she had a good cry before falling asleep, one of those that could last for hours and sicken your guts, and yet, for as much as she didn't want to admit it... That crying was different.

There was no sadness or the slight hint of fear of losing him this time. Instead, it was flooded of frustration and disappointment.

Frustration because she wanted to tell Finn the truth but she couldn't spit it out. Disappointment because Finn kicked her away, not giving her a chance to explain or find a better excuse.

Christ. Trying to understand Finn's actions was also impossible.

Was it normal that he crawled on the top of her and pinned her down so easily, without showing any shame?

Finn wasn't a guy who did physical stuff, let alone with people he didn't like. You couldn't get near him unless he wanted to... So she starts to wonder.

What if Finn simply wanted to touch her?

And was it normal that, despite her discomfort for being so close to spill the truth and ruin everything, she almost enjoyed seeing him so... eager to touch her? Feeling his body almost grinding against her gave her another type of thrill that was even better that her wildest fantasies.

After three years of nothing of any sort, when Finn exposed himself and showed his touchy side, the pressure bottled up in her stomach was hard to hold back. Yes, when he touched her, Millie felt like a walking explosive bomb.

She still feels like one. She has been feeling like this for a while.

But this was an accidental aspect she purposely decides to ignore.

Finn, this time, doesn't deserve her forgiveness, neither a justification. He made her cry and he was begging her for an answer she would never give him, so she won't spare more tears than she already did.

"Asshole." She says out loud, wiping off Finn's intrusive thought once and for all.

Time to get to work.

Millie stretches her arms now, getting off the bed with slow movements and getting to the bathroom. She is indecisive whether she should take a bath or a shower, since the suite offered both options.

After some contemplation, she decides that a practical shower can be the best option. There was a risk she could fell asleep in bathtub—it already happened—due to her exhaustion and over work and she didn't want it to happen again.

The stream of hot water starts to run, damp air condensing the walls of the shower box.
Finn is not one who likes showering in the early morning but it was the best way to wake himself up, especially when he was in such a bad mood like right now.

Last night left a sour clam in his mouth, a taste that accompanied him since he fell asleep to the moment he woke up.

Finn knew she was so close to spill the truth but no, she had to act like the usual brat she was. He will never forgive her for being so mean and fake to him.

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