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Two weeks have passed from that eventful day, and November came, taking away the bitter remnants of their last meeting.

Useless to say that Millie and Finn haven't talked to each other ever since that night — but the tabloid did, and quite a lot. They didn't spare a ridiculous title on the headlines of the magazines and gossip channels. They truly outsold themselves.

Mille Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard are back at it and sharing a room in a hotel in LA.

Finn Wolfhard or Rudeness Wolfhard? [WATCH THIS] He told to f*** off to a paparazzi!

Fillie is real. Fans on Twitter and Instagram were right all along.

Millie Bobby Brown cuts her hair! Eleven is coming back & her beloved waffles too!

Stranger Things the Movie brought MBB and Finn Wolfhard together again! Who knows, maybe this time they will work it out.

Finn Wolfhard surprises Millie Bobby Brown at SunSet hotel in Las Palmas Ave. Is love coming back for the two Stranger Things stars?

These were just a few of the titles appearing on Twitter and all over the media channels. Fans were already making their own theories and assumptions, but each one of them was far from the truth.

Right now, the only thing that did matter was their own career and decide what to do before starting filming in December. Millie was still the one who could choose if sign the contract and accept Finn's strict conditions, or refuse and make her own counterproposal.

While for him, well, things were established. And right now, Stranger Things was the last of his thoughts.

The voice of his flat mate was a confusing muffled sound in the background, as his orbs were stuck on the screen right in front of him.

"—How's going with Violet?" Josh asked, busy scattering and cutting the coke he bought the night before from a dealer he knew quite well.

Finn was sitting on the carpet next to him, staring motionless at the television, "She's a pain in the ass."

"But she's hot." Josh pointed out, smiling like a fool.

"Goddamn, she is." Finn agreed, eyes still locked at some A24 movie playing.

The very first time he saw her was at this party at one of Josh's friends.

It was a typical Saturday night, in an house in the middle of the nowhere and desert. On the inside, about fifty people drinking, smoking, and having drugs.

Typical. Nothing that Finn hasn't already seen.

Josh urged him to come to this place since he didn't want to go alone and, well, because Finn had just turned twenty and he had to live his life more besides conquering the big screens.

He was pretty bored about the music and the kind of people in there, until at midnight, his eyes met her gaze, and he swears he could turn to a puddle like there.

Violet would stand out in that living room, and not because of her personality; she was there, flirting with a guy, while wearing a skimpy black top that barely covered her full breast, a pair of blue washed out jeans adhering to her legs and, apparently, even a thong judging by the elastic adorning her hips.

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