Family Gathering

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Millie couldn't help but breathe again as her feet landed on the ground.

After ten, exhausting hours of flight, there she was in US again.

It was not a news, of course. She travelled back and forth in the last two years since she moved in London, but only for work related purposes — nothing more. Interviews and whatnot, especially for the show that literally changed her life: Stranger Things.

There was a time she thought that after the show ended, people would forget about her, that she always would be the little "Eleven among Tens", but she was clearly wrong. Her projects and her career evolved, and so her glamours life, her tastes and her projects did.

In sum, she was not a child actor anymore and people had to stop behaving like she was still twelve. Gosh, she was about to turn nineteen the following year, and she really hoped that people stopped seeing her as a delicate flower to protect.

Millie knew her value, she knew her limits; she knew that she didn't have to be protected for all of her life. She knew she could fight against the fear, in a way or another. Even if it was so difficult.

But Lexapro pills helped her.

"Miss Brown, the car is over there." Alexander, her body guard, pointed out, as he brushed his fingers on her forearm, just to push her through the crowd that was already forming to steal a picture of her.

A waterfall of flash flood over her; it never stopped to feel strange and pleasing.

It was overwhelming, but in the good kind. People shouting her name, going crazy for her and loving her to the moon and back. Sweet teens girls that admired and looked up to her; young actresses that wanted to become the new her, the "Millie Bobby Brown", the new star of their generation.

But there's only one Millie in Hollywood and that was her, and that fact was not going to change.

"Get around, hey— hey! Do NOT touch her!" Another body guard yelled to a man in his forties with a Eleven t-shirt in his hands that he probably wanted Millie to sign.

He had brushed her shoulder, and that mere touch made her stumble backwards; Alexander got her in his arms, "Millie, I am here. Don't worry."

She nodded, trying her best to not act rude to her sweet fans and smiling through what it was a concrete pain in the chest. Anxiety drummed inside of her, as it was a tickling bomb ready to explode.

Fame was definitely not just fun and games as the very beginning.

There was a time Millie wished, oh she wished, that she wasn't a star anymore. That nobody knew her — because she experienced a type of fear that went beyond mean tweets or cyber bullying. A concrete nightmare that still left her in a terrible and breathtaking paranoia which had accompanied her sleep for six hundreds sleepless nights.

Since when she started to act so uncomfortably around people? Millie was a ray of sunshine with everyday!

But the more time passed by, the more she pushed people away from her life — time gets you wise enough to understand who wants you just for the so called "clout" and to cut off relationships with people who are not there for you when you need them.

The only people she surely kept in touch with during the last two years were Noah Schnapp (the clown best friend) and Sadie Sink (the wise best friend); not that she didn't love Gaten and Caleb, she completely did. But with them it was different, since they were way more mature than her at the times, and the two shared this little nerdy group with Finn.

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