Rewrite the Past

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There were a series of perks of living with your best friends. First of all, it was like having an endless sleepover.

Second, Caleb and Sadie always made sure to cuddle her or give her comfort whenever she needed, and most importantly, they ensured she ate three meals a day or that she felt the most comfortable in their house.

Believe her, eating this much was something that hadn't happened for years. She read somewhere that a full stomach meant happiness, and she was now starting to believe it.

Millie has been there for barely one week and if she was still a little girl, she would ask for the adoption papers and live with them right away.

Unfortunately, she was twenty, and she had to deal with her real parents and family who wanted her back.

Kelly and Ava called her systematically, night and day, making sure to send her clean clothes and all the stuff she needed (at a certain point, Caleb convinced her to contact her mother).

Concerning Robert, well, Millie didn't have any news about him. He was a rancorous man and her mom told her he was still too upset to face her.

Better this way, Millie thought. She wasn't dying to talk to him either.

Space and distance from her father was the thing she needed the most, giving both of them time to realize what had happened, even though she knew that it would have been a matter of time before he would have claimed her back.

Her father wasn't a person who liked having the situation not under control. Millie was the most important pawn in Robert's chessboard, and also the only one who he couldn't handle. He would have wanted her back at a certain point.

However, now, Millie has other frivolous and way more important things to think about...

Like her date with Finn.

"Help! HELP!"

The screech comes from Millie's bedroom.

Caleb is so fast in running there and getting the first weapon on his way.

"What's—what's wrong?" He pants, a baseball bat clenched in his strong hands and ready to strike whoever crossed his path. "Who's in here?!"

He would expect to see someone breaking in the bedroom or something terrible happening. Instead, Millie is simply sitting on the floor, hands in hair in a full breakdown, with an indecipherable amount of clothes, shoes and accessories scattered all around her in a circle.

She snaps her head up at him, red in the face, her itching nerves ready to give her a seizure.

"I don't have anything to wear!" She whines in defeat, noticing how unfair her mum has been with her in sending her those basic clothes.

"Are you kidding me? Is—is this your problem? Your clothes? I thought you were in danger!" Caleb lowers his arm, letting the baseball bat drop.

Women, those mysterious entities. He will never be able to understand them.

Millie huffs as she gets up, a fine white robe around her and hands on her hips, accompanied by a look that could kill.

"You don't understand! I have all of my best dresses at my parents' house and I have no intention to go there! And—And Finn will be in less than an hour, I don't have time to go buy a new one!"

Caleb gives her a look. "Trust me, your outfit is Finn's last concern. I mean, you see how he dresses, right?"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want to go to our first date naked!" She huffs, crossing her arms.

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