My only condition

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It was a new day in Los Angeles, and Millie could finally wake up with a little smile on her face.

Today was the day she would see Matt and Ross in order to sign the contract for her new movie — the last movie of Stranger Things franchise; oh God, she was so electrified.

She kicked the sheets tangled around her ankles and jumped down the bed, stretching her arms and legs. A pale light cracked through the window of the penthouse and the room was the usual mess of scattered clothes, shoes and whatnot.

She walked around the fancy bedroom, after ordering herself some fine English tea and some pancakes with strawberry toppings — Waffles were definitely not her thing, for her own amusement.
After all, Millie and Eleven were way too different people despite what people think.

Oh, and she wanted to look extra pretty and with a smile upon her face that day since her screen partner, Finn Wolfhard, had finally accepted to film again with her!

That was amazing, a final glimpse of light in that endless tunnel of darkness. Finn's love was something she always needed, since she was young; he could comfort her and always make her laugh with nothing, seriously.

His laughs were a tepid breeze.
She would love to be irradiated by them again after two years of silence.

"Millie! Are you alright?" Matt shouted from behind the camera, removing his headphones.

The superstar was staring at the green ceiling, as the burning cheeks of embarrassment were tinting her olive skin. Well, she was alright; but even better now that Finn was laughing because of her.

"Instead of laughing at me, you could— I don't know, help me getting up?" Millie huffed as she was laying down the wet floor.

She had just slipped during a filming scene in season two. Eleven was supposed to reach Mike into the void, and she did... but he was now laughing hard. So hard, she wanted to slap him.

"I am sorry, so sorry Mill." Finn laughed again, and again, as he was grabbing her by her armpits and helping her getting up.

Immediately, she squeezed her soaked wet hands on his cheeks, "Now, you're wet too!"

"I'm going to kill you!" He shouted, wiping away the dirty water from his face.

His foundation was a mess now.

"Millie, please! Finn's make up!" Ross shouted, snorting loudly from his spot on the set. "Five minutes of break to fix his face!"

The children both looked at each other before another laugh burst out. They were simple times, made of joy, tenderness and friendship.

She sighed, as she finally look through the thick glass of the penthouse: she wondered what he was doing, if he was happy to see her now, what did change his stubborn mind.

Guess she had to find it out very soon.

Her reflection on the transparent glass slowly faded into a pale freckles coated face. God, he was so nervous and absolutely terrified about the idea of being in her same room.

Finn turned his back from his window's loft, the one he shared with Josh (still his best friend despite the years passing by) in LA, and then, he took a spoonful of cereal into his mouth — even thought he wasn't even hungry.

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