Stranger Love Alert

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Things between them took a turn in the immediate moment Millie touched Finn's scars with her own hands.

Knowing about Finn's last three years and physical problems meant stepping up the level in their relationship, marking a new path made of complicity and trust, the same things that lacked in the very beginning.

But everything Finn went through in those years wasn't easy to accept, not to Millie, at least.

She was still upset about what she did to him, or about what she pushed him to do to himself. Never in her life she would think that someone would end up hurting themselves for her...

Among all the people in the world, Millie can't stand the thought of Finn doing it—hopelessly slaughtering his skin as a cry for help. She simply couldn't deal with it.

This is why, in the following days, Millie apologized to him more times she could count. She started with some rambling and proceeded her infinite guilt spilling like a broken sink. Sometimes, tears came, too.

But Finn always stopped her unnecessary apologies, sometimes with a kiss, sometimes with a caress, sometimes with infinte overwhelming hugs.

He didn't need to hear that. They both couldn't change the past. The only thing that truly mattered to him was having her by his side and healing with her, slowly, and with his hand in hers.

And that was the best thing to do because, day after day, they simply did what they should have done since the very moment they saw each other again: moving on.

That was their deal, a mutual bond purposed to make each other feel good, loved and appreciated.

They wanted to savor their time together at its fullest before it inevitably ran out and the problems would have come to knock at their door again.

This is why Finn proposed to her a new date to rekindle their relationship. Something to make him forgiven for ruining their first one and to distract them from the pressure of work, and what would be better than a movie night?

Even though he must say that choosing a movie has been terribly hard, like trying to conjugate the sun and the goddamn moon.

Millie was a dreamy girl, and she adored cheesy love stories and heartbreaking moments, while Finn enjoyed seeing people dying, splattered guts and a bunch of philosophical bullshit he liked to show off to his friends.

As expected, they have been arguing about it for the whole week until she sent him a film that was getting excellent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and that inspired both of them.

They decided to give it a shot.

"I swear, if the movie sucks, it will be all of your fault." Finn fakes a bothered grimace as he pulls over in the designed spot of the parking lot next to the AMC theater.

It's late afternoon and the theater seems pretty crowded, but thankfully enough for them, the buzz of people outside seem to mind their own business. They are mostly couples, group of teens, and families.

Finn and Millie know well enough to disguise themselves in order to avoid a flock of fans screaming their names or begging for a picture, hence why they are both wearing baseball hats and sunglasses.

As selfish as it sounded, they just wanted to feel normal and spend some time together like a common couple—if they could define themselves like that.

"Oh, please, stop acting like you're the only one who knows about movies." She scoffs a little, today, happy and content.

It was gradual, you see. Her bad mood and thoughts drifted away as Friday came closer, giving her more time to elaborate her feelings and push the sadness away. If she had her mind full of Finn and her friends taking care of her, Millie felt better.

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