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Incapable to hold back himself any longer, Finn's hands cup Millie's face on both sides with force, fingers burying in her hair as his mouth crashes on her lips, taking all of her breath away.

This is all it takes for her mind to go short circuit. Any innocent or logical thought has been silenced by her unfurled senses. A wave of blazing heat washes over her, finally unlocking all of the secrets that she is keeping inside.

After anchoring herself around his neck, Millie responds to his kiss slowly, hesitant for a moment, pecking his lips a couple of times before building up a smooth rhythm, wet lips eager to mold together.

But being gentle is not what they need.

The kitchen is narrow enough for Finn to guide her to the wall, and her back hits it in a solid bump that shakes her limbs.

His hand clutches the back of her neck, her soft hair slipping through his fingers as he pulls her in. He yearns for her taste, her flavor, the sound of their teeth clenching.

Her traitor moan echoes in Finn's mouth when she feels his other hand running down her back, carding on the small of her back and then squeezing her ass, fingers dipping in the subtle fabric of her skirt.

A irriverent smile tugs up on his lips as he hears the glorious sounds she makes against his mouth; they only push him to claim her even more. That every inch of that mouth is still his, no matter how much time has passed.

Their tongues swirl for indefinite minutes, tasting each other after three years of being apart. It's familiar, yet so unknown. They are not the same anymore but the fragrance of their kisses is still the same one: bittersweet.

They decide to come back for air only after an undetermined amount of time, lips softly parting from each other in a delicate pull, his bottom lip caressing hers.

Finn opens his eyes when he has the certainty that what has just happened is real. He needs to grasp his logic and common sense as he doesn't know how to explain that yes, he has just kissed Millie. He did.

Somehow, you can see the same realization hitting her too.

Millie's chest raises in a frantic drum, lungs almost running out of oxygen when she opens her eyelids and stares at him towering over her and with his hand still buried in her hair.

"Can you keep a secret?" Finn breaks the silence, heavy breathing and eyes locked with hers.

She silently nods, rolling her eyes up at him with her erratic heart palpitations taking over the silence of the room.

He exhales a relieved sigh, brushing his forehead upon hers, "I wanted to do this the first time I saw you six months ago."

She smiles back, too wide, this time tightening her arms around him even more, keeping all of this human treasure so dearly as if she was scared to lose it.

"So why..." She sighs profoundly, inhaling the scent of his perfume. "Why didn't you just do it?"

He hums, hands running down and intertwining around the small of her back. His throaty deep voice caresses her face, as long as her lips, "For various reasons, you see."

"Hurt ego..." He kisses her nose. "Pride." He kisses her cheekbone. "Jealousy." He kisses her temple. "And lots of anger. Never ending anger."

"So much anger," He pulls her in, tipping his head down at her with a teasing smirk, irises lighting up a bit in a fabulous shade of chocolate. "That I could make the devil an angel in comparison."

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