A Better Place

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Although Finn promised her that he won't leave her anytime soon, Millie still has her face buried into his chest, her abdomen stinging for how much she is crying.

He is powerless in front of this scene. All of her body is basically slouched on him and she must be so uncomfortable. His car is not that big, and the seats are rather close and small.

There is just one impulse that rushes through him as he looks around, and he decides to follow it: he pushes the driver seat all the way back.

She doesn't understand his intentions for a moment, but then he nods to her, wordless, as he pats on his lap and makes her sign to sit.

Sniffling and with eyes glimmering because of the tears, she slides upon him, her butt bumping and landing directly on his thighs. For this very gesture, her heart throbs all over again.

But this isn't enough for Millie to stop letting it all out. Her soul aches along with all of her body. It's too much for her to bear with: the rumors, the fear of losing him again, her mind that is completely destroyed.

She is broken, and nobody seems to care enough to fix her up.

Her tension seem to lose a bit only when she actually realizes how close she is to him, and how much she loves to inhale his scent.

"Hey." Finn calls for her softly, gazes finally locking. "Is there a way to close this sink of tears? Do I need to call a plumber?"

Despite the circumstances, Millie scoffs a bit at that affirmation with amused joy. He could be so dorky when he wanted to, even in the most serious and embarrassing situations.

"No... no p-plumber is needed for this sink." Millie replies showing him a sad grin, trying to module her shaky voice.

Then, Finn studies her face again, and he notices some features that are not typical of her. His fingers run up her forehead and he frowns lightly when he touch her skin.

"You are red. Way too red for my standards."

"R-red?" She can't even formulate another phrase that Millie coughs, covering her mouth with a hand.

It's continuous. Her throat is burning, and she wishes she could have a basket of icy water to give it some relief. At the beginning, she thought it was due to the lack of sleep, the tiredness or the constant crying.

But Finn comes to the undeniable conclusion faster than her.

"You've caught a cold." He says, helping her coughing by rubbing his hand on her back.

"Uh?" She coughs, still looking at him with lost eyes.

She doesn't even know how she found herself sitting on his lap. Wasn't he the first one who couldn't even touch her for the life of him?

Seriously, Millie can't understand Finn's mind or actions any longer. After last night and their dance, nothing made sense between them.

Mind her, she perfectly knows she is complicated and moody as Hell, but Finn? The real thoughts stuck in that curly head of his? Oh, they are secured with millions of combinations that she can't decode.

Finn is like a book with an open-ending finale: you can only guess what is going to happen next, but nobody will ever confirm your theory.

"But I don't feel like having a col—achoo! Achoo!"

She understands he's right when she feels the first waves of frozen chills washing over her, the knot in her sore throat and the typical pain in the bones.

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