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"To our outstanding cast, marvelous crew, our directors and our adventure lasted nine years. Cheers!"

A chorus of fifty people replies with their champagne glasses raised to the air. "Cheers!"

May came, and with that, Stranger Things officially wrapped. The last installment of one of the most iconic shows of the decade had officially ended and none of them are able to realize it.

Millie especially has crystal eyes as she scans all of those people who have changed her life for the better in the last ten years.

Sadie, Caleb, Gaten, Noah, Priah, David, Winona, Charlie, Natalia, Joe and Maya... How is she able to let them go?

How can she let Finn go?

Now that they were done here, they would have lived in separate cities, pursuing their own careers and paths. Would they manage the distance? Would he stick by her side? Would she be able to be a good partner for him?

In this knot of overwhelming thoughts, Finn is fast in giving her the answers.

A furtive hand cups her hip and pulls her to his side, his mouth getting close to her ear. "Don't think for a moment that I'll let you go."

Said that, he holds her hand and brings it to her lips, kissing it.

If she tried to hold back that stupid crying for all night when the directors shut "That's a wrap", now Finn's words only push her tears to spill.

She presses her lips together, rubbing her palm to her eyelids. The most important part of her life has ended, and it was time to face the unknown and future of a new relationship that was still in the making.

"Finnie..." She sniffles, trying to not ruin her makeup with her tears. But the crying is raw and needed, a desperate way to let all of her feelings out.

Millie knows she's a crybaby, but she also knows that being so transparent and well aware of her feelings is the key to be a good actor. Once you have full access to your emotions, it's easy pulling them out when they were needed.

But right now, it didn't matter how many times she found herself crying for the most different reasons, as one thing that Finn will not admit above all is seeing Millie sad.

Anytime she cried, his heart sunk with hers.

"Baby, don't cry. Come here. Everything's fine—super fine." Finn smiles in tender amusement, helping her hiding in his hold and chest, a solid arm wrapping around her back and shielding her from other people's glances.

She shakes her head, voice brittle. "No, it's not. I am not going to see you again. Not as—as much as before."

That was her biggest fear. Finn knew it. Both of them had abandonment issues and managing to overcome them was about to be challenging. But hopefully, with time and an unbearable amount of patience, they would work it out.

Finn, especially, had found a solution to end such issues once and for all. And it was a city named Los Angeles.

He buries his lips in her hair, leaving the mark of butterfly kiss. "Now, who said that?"

He is trying to not laugh at her face. Not in a bad way, just to make her understand that she had nothing to fear and that she was being dramatic about something that was never going to happen.

Because a life without her wasn't contemplated. A scenario that he fears, and that he will make sure to never experience. Not anymore.

"H-Huh? You will go back to Los Angeles and I... I'll still be here. And my dad—"

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