Moving On

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Like every morning of her life, Millie wakes up with fatigue.

Usually during press, she would just jump off the bed and run to the airport, as Melanie explains her all the stuff she has to do, what to say and what to wear. It was frenetic, exciting, exactly the life she chose to live.

This time is different, though. There's no rush, no press, and she actually can enjoy an easy morning like a common person on a vacation.

She knows she has the flight that would take her back to Atlanta at noon, so she's happy she can have breakfast and have a relaxing shower before going away. Mornings were simply to take slow if you wanted to survive through the shit of the day — they were like the rehearsals before the actual show.

Millie groans, stretching her arms and reaching for her phone on charge; the usual routine consisted in ordering her favorite breakfast (pancakes topped with strawberries), checking out the news and listening to some good music — all of this while laying down her bed. Her feet was still sore after all of that dancing in high heels.

Lazily, she is scrolling her phone, ignoring the millions of notifications, until a person she hasn't heard from a while appears on her screen, making her immediately smile.

louispartridge has replied to your story.

Millie shakes her head, giggling lightly.

Truth is, she hasn't heard about him in a while.
After the Enola Holmes movie, their paths have separated; he had his own career and she had one too. Louis was mostly a national British star, and the face of BBC channel. Oh God, she couldn't be more proud of him!

They had met up a couple of times in the last years, since they were both living in London, but he was very busy with college and acting to make the whole thing habitual. Plus, his girlfriend wasn't very fond of her, so it was better keeping a certain distance between them.

She reads out loud the story reply:

If you need a star to lead you home, I suggest you to take a plane and come to London to see me, Ms. Brown.
Mother country claims you
(and I miss you) ❤️

"Louis, you're so charming." She bites her lips, as she replies to him.

trust me
I'd come back rn if only I could!
miss u too 💗

Millie didn't expect him to text her back, especially because she thought it was a causal and a random message. But when her room service came in her room, and she was now finally sat at her small table and throwing the sweet food in her mouth like a child of eight, she understood that some company was what she needed the most.

She would text him back, to ask him how he was, but he asked her first.

how are you, little whale? 🐳❤️

could be better honestly... you?💓

busy with Christmas shopping.
Not really my thing
it's frustrating haha

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