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Scars are symbols of battles.

No matter if you win or lose; they are meant to stay with you forever, constantly bringing up the past experiences of your life.

Finn had quite a few of them, each representing his biggest losses. On his collarbone; on his heart; and now one on his chest, fresh and stinging like piercing needles. The burn that represented the colossal defeat with Joel Adams.

For quite a few days, Finn was absent from work. Showing up in those wrecked physical and mental conditions would have been the worst thing he could do—so he improvised a sudden attack of fever.

"Fever? You were fine just yesterday." Ryan's voice fills his ear as he holds the phone.

The nurse Finn hired (a caring, sweet fifty years old who apparently knew what to do and who signed a NDA contract for the matter) walks towards him, the bottle of disinfectant and the usual bandages in her hands.

"I know—I just," Finn hisses, as he lies down on his bed. The burn and his bones hurt like a mother fucker. "I just can't come tomorrow on set. I am sorry."

"Does it have anything to do with Adams? You met him a couple of days ago if I do remember correctly."

Hearing his name hurts way more than the burn he inflected him.

"What does Adams have anything to do with me and my fever?" Finn lies, as he looks at the nurse dubbing some cotton on his burnt spot.

Here the torture begins.

"I don't know. Just asking. Maybe he—"

"Nothing happened. We simply talked." Finn exhales in a shaky breath, staring at the ceiling as the disinfectant on the wound only pushes him to cry.

Fuck. Fuck, it hurts.

"Alright." Ryan doesn't sound convinced, but he trusts Finn. "Then I can give you the agenda for next week and I'll let you rest."

Finn nods, suffocating the scream and letting out a feeble sound of approval—even though he well knows there is not going to be any commitment in the following week.

His agenda will be empty in no time. Once the truth with Violet will be out, no one will work with him anymore and his name will be cancelled from the face of the Earth.

It was just a matter of time before the rumors and the lies Joel will spread will shatter his image entirely.

A lifetime will disappear because of his stupid recklessness and sense of justice. There is no one to blame but himself.

He has lost everything. His career. The possibility of giving some sort of revenge in Millie's regards. The chance to punish a horrible man...

And the chance to see her again because of that stupid fight and his pride.

"Ryan?" Finn asks, one hand splayed over his face as he tries to contain the sobs ready to escape his mouth.

"Hm? Yes, son?"

"Thank you." He sniffles, trying to contain that stupid cry. "For not giving up on me." An ultimate thank you before their paths separate.

The last thing he wants is ruining Ryan's career and his chance to represent other talented actors. He didn't have to pay for his stupid actions.

"Always by your side, kid." Ryan's calm voice reassures him.

But he knows that someday, eventually, he won't have anyone next to him.

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