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-George POV-

Walking down the graveled path with Dream, Y/N and Sapnap,

As we're getting closer I'm slowly getting nervous, it's like I want to stop this but I can't,

I felt a hand on my shoulder, It's Clay,

"George it's alright, I'm sorry, this is the only way."

I sigh and followed them,

I saw the house, it's pretty torn down, the roof, Clay went inside Along with Nick,

I froze for a sec, I don't wanna see Y/N's reaction, I hope she's not remembering these past.

"George, Y/N come on." Clay said.


Clay Called us in, this house seems spooky,

I saw a hand drawn body on the floor, it's like a crime scene.

I looked around, I don't remember anything,

We went I think it's the basement,

"Clay, I- I think I've been here before.."

They all looked at me, I see Gogy face, his reaction is... i can't explain, it's like Fear but at the same time he's nervous..

I looked around again seeing almost of the doors are widely open, I'm scared to go inside of these rooms.

I looked at Clay and Nick, both of them are in front of this closed room, I don't know why, they seems like having a serious conversation.

"Hey N/N, I know we're already here but if you remembered something in here, I'm truly sorry.." Gogy said while looking down on the floor.

I really don't understand what's going on, I walked towards Nick and Clay.

"Hey guys, what's up with this room here...?"

'You Saved me...'

My eyes went wide open hearing a voice coming inside that room.

"Guys I heard a voice that's coming from a female inside that room!"

I turned the Doorknob and opened it.

"Y/N Don't!" George said.

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