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'This room, I've seen this before..'

I know I've been here, It's like from my nightmare.. But I can't remember all of it, It's been days since I woke up in a coma.

"Clay, I feel like I've been here before.." I said.

I sat the edge of the bed, Dream sat beside me.

"Are you alright Y/N?" He said,

"I think.. This room seems familiar, I don't know.. I'm scared Clay.." I said laying down on the bed,

Dream stood up and tucked me in with blanket, like a kid.

"Hey, Don't leave me here." I said pulling Clay's shirt.

"Alright, Just wait here, let me get the pillow and blanket I left on the sofa."

-Dream POV-

I walk out the room to get the things I need, I picked up the Blanket and Pillow, I turned off the lights in the living room and head back.

I looked at Y/N, She's already sleeping. I went closer and kissed her forehead"Goodnight Y/N."I whisper and smiled.

'She never changes.'

-time skips-

I'm sitting beside the counter with a cup of coffee on it, Scrolling through social media, to kill some time

"Oh hey Dream" Sapnap waved at me.

"Oh hey," I waved at him.

"Clay, Are you really gonna do this plan of yours?" Sapnap said.

"For the love of god, Nick, How many times do I have to say? Both of you?" I raised my eyebrows

"Oh sorry, I was just worried about Y/N and George.." Sapnap said.

"Me too, But.. If we can't go to the abandoned house, we can't tell if when Y/N gonna regain her memories."

"We can't turn back now Nick, this is the only way I know." I added.

I stand up to see George Coming down from the stairs, I went inside our room to see Y/N is getting ready.

"Hey Y/N, are you ready?" I said.

She looked at me, still combing her hair,

"I think so..m I'm scared.." She said.

"It's okay Y/N I'm here.. Gogy and Nick are there too." I said.

Y/N and I went outside the House together to see Sapnap is already waiting for us.

"George, Let's Go." I opened the Car door and let Y/N in first.

I saw George locking his house, Nick sat next to the driver's seat, I let George sat next to Y/N.

'Guys, Sorry for being selfish.'

We Drove about an hour, We stopped at the graveled road,

"Guys we're here."

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