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-Dream's POV-
"Yo, Dream" I heard Sap called me while coming down the stairs.

"What is it?" I asked him curiously.

"When will you confess?" He asked me I blushed.

"I don't know.." I told him the truth.

"Oh by the way George is streaming on twitch." I said with a grin.

"Oh I know what you're thinking Nick!" I laughed and I put on my hoodie and facemask just incase.

Sapnap goes first and sat beside the bed I saw George just playing minecraft, I crawl my way in.

"Oh guys by the way! Do you know who's behind me?" George said with a smile pointing at Sapnap. And sapnap waved at the camera.

"You guys guess that correctly! It's-" I grabbed George feet and grip it tightly.

"RAWRRRR!!!!" I scream.

"AHHHH!!!" George scream on twitch and put his hand on his chest.

:lmaoooo George
:who's that

"Dream!! Stop doing that" he said and I waved my my hand on the camera.

I wheeze and laugh at him.

"Oh my god, you're giving me a heart attack." George says me and Sapnap still laughing.

-time skip-

"Y/N?" I called her in our room.

"What is it, Clay?" She asked.

"Can you give me your phone?" I said and she gave it to me without asking why.

I put a tracker on her phone. In extra measures of her safety, I'm really gonna protect her. I gave her the phone and she ask what is it, I told her it's nothing.

"Y/N, Sap said we are all having a dinner F/R (favorite restaurant), and George will lead the way." Y/N nod and I went outside the room.

"I'm telling her later." I said to them.

"What?" George said.

"Huh?" Sapnap said, they're all confused.

"It's nothing, Let's get ready?" I asked.

I grabbed my wallet on my bag and put it on my pocket, I remove my hoodie and puts some shirt on it. Put a face mask on my face.

I called out Y/N and we got in George's Car, Sapnap is sitting on the front while we sit on the back.

After George park his car I went open the door for Y/N, "Thank you, Kind Sir!" She play along and we laugh together.

We went inside and we find our seats and order some foods.

-time skips- (sorry I'm too lazy xD)

After we finished eating, it's time to head back home, we went to the parking place and went to George's car, I opened the door and let Y/N in first and me.

"God, I'm pretty full.. The food is soooo good." I cheered hoping we go back to F/R.

Sapnap takes the wheel, While driving I feel my phone Vibrated, I checked what it is.

:Oh Clay, how are you all? Also Y/N?

Her mom texted me.

I quickly took a picture of Y/N without knowing, I sent her a picture of Y/N looking on the window.

=She's doing great Mrs.L/N! We just had a dinner earlier in F/R

:oh that's great! Treat her well, it's her first time going out of the country without me

=gotcha Mrs.L/N, Have a nice Night/Day/Noon.

I closed my phone and I looked at the window, I looked at the familiar road, we are getting close to home.

10minutes past we are inside the house, we chat, laughed, play board games and we headed to our assign room.

Days have passed since our last squad dinner.


"Clay?" She called me.

"Yea?" I said closing the bathroom door.

"I want to go outside.." I said twirling a finger on my hair.

"It's night, it's dangerous outside!" Dream whisper yelled at me.

My face looks shock with a hint of fear.

"I- .. I'm sorry Y/N, I was just trying to protect you.." Dream said

"I don't want anything bad happened to you Y/N... I-" I cut him off by smashing my lips on his lips.

"Shhh, Dream.. It's alright, I don't wanna go outside, Let's sleep instead."His face was shocked and red.

I kiss him again and he kissed me back put his hand on my waist. And we broke for air, we giggled.I said and we both went on the bed.

"Can I hug you again?" He asked me.

I laugh at him not realising I was blushing, Lucky the room is dark, the lights is not turned on, "Okay Dream, You can hug me." I said and he hugged me.

He was playing with my hair with his fingers, combing through it, it was relaxing "Goodnight Dream." I whispered and I fall asleep.

-Dream POV-

I can't believe Y/N kissed me and let me hug her.

I hugged her and I played with her beautiful hair, it's very smooth, I see Y/N liking it and she fell asleep.

"Goodnight Y/N." I whispered and hum her a lullaby.

"Sweetdreams my Baby.." I whispered and kissed her on the forehead, and I closed my eyes and fall asleep as well.

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