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-George POV-

"One is at George Home. And Two is at Abandoned House." Dream said, I choked my drink.

"Dream!" I whisper shouted not to start any commotion here.

"I thought we already talked about this? That Y/N will not step a foot in my house and the Abandoned one?" I said seriously.

"Forget about that, 'kay? I don't care about that, What I care is when Y/N is gonna Regain her memories or not." Dream said.

"Okay okay enough of serious talk, respect Y/N's presence you idiots, she don't know what both of you talking about." Sapnap said while taking a sip

We both say sorry to Y/N because of things we say, she just nod, I think her mind is a bit lost from all she heard.

An hour passed by it's time to head back to our House, it's the DreamTeam house, and it's a little far from my house, I go there every weekends,

Sapnap Is now on the Driver's seat and I'm next to him, Dream and Y/N is at the back.

Time passed we're now at the house, we are all exhausted we all go to our rooms.

It's almost midnight, I still thinking, I don't want Y/N to go back there, I mean what if she Hates me and never gonna talk to me again. What if she didn't accept my apologies,

I hate this, I really hate this, Why did I do this to her, of course she's not gonna accept my sorry, I mean I almost killed her,

"I don't wanna do this..."

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