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-Dream POV-
3 days Left... I wonder what should I give to Y/N...Maybe, A jacket? Or.. I don't know, as I stared at my monitor screen, I was editing the manhunt video where Y/N goes along in it.

-hours passed-
I was finally done with this video, and I Uploaded on my YT channel called 'Manhunt with DreamTeam ft. Badboyhalo'

I opened my twitch to see Y/N playing MC, There's a donation where you can control her game,

$4 - spawn zombie infront of her
$6 - let anvil fall on her head
$7 - give her a 1 stack of food or Iron
$10 - Throw in the lava on her hand
$15 - Suicidal Jump Boost
$50 - Dig down to bedrock
$100 - Clear her Inventory
$120 - Start a new world

I came to watched her suffer from the people who donated.

She didn't show her face, so she has no facecam someone donated her 4 dollars and then zombie pop infront of her and makes her scream "jesus christ!"

I call her on discord, and she accepted it

"Yo I saw you're live on twitch"

"Yea.. I am clearly- OH MY GOD who donated the freaking suicidal jump boost" she yell and missed her MLG water bucket

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH" I laugh and her twitch comment saying

:who's that?!!
:dream who? The speed runner?

I donated 7 dollars 'cause why not? Y/N died recently I'll give her a stack of food and I said on the donation 'Give Yourself a Bread'

"Thanks Dream!" She said on stream and gave herself a bread

:it is really dream

Georgenotfound donated $7 'IROOOOON'

"Hey George! Thanks!" She said happily

"Bye! Gotta do something Important." I said and she said goodbye to me.

I went to see a cute sized hoodie that fit on Y/N's Body, It's my merch hoodie and when you flipped the hoodie there's a word on the front that says "Dream's Baby" just to annoy her, but it's cute, not gonna lie.

- time skip -

2 days left I packed my things and so did Y/N and Nick (Sapnap) I was so Excited to see Y/N for the first time, George know my face I sent him on snapchat.

I texted Nick,


Nick: Oh hey dream what's up? Excited to leave?

Me: To be honest, Yes, I really want to see Y/N, you know I liked her, I even told you that when we're just playing with george in my world.

Me:so that I came up with the idea...

Nick:What is it dream?

I told Sapnap my plan and He agreed saying that was genius, and we go get ready because only 1 day left for us to leave.

-time skip- (cuz Im lazy)

-still on Dream's Pov-

Last day before our flight,we plan to meet in the nearest mall, Except me I'm not gonna show up.

In our 'different' group chat where only DreamTeam

Sap: Ayeee guys Ready tomorrow?

George: I'm excited to see both Dream and Y/N' face (>y<)

Dream: Yea, We're ready tomorrow ^^

N/N: I'm nervous...

Sap: It's okay N/N don't be it's gonna be fun!

Dream: yeeeeeeess

Now that it's time to sleep, it's gonna be busy tomorrow, also I put the jacket in the Bag and spray it with cologne that I use so she smells like me, so cute.

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