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Thank you guys for all of the support I'm getting.

I was supposed to end this chapter for a Book 2 on it(^~^)

But I realized that this might be confusing if others read the 2nd book before the first xD

So I might just cut it using Author's Chapter Note ;P

I don't want y'all goin' back and fort so I'll continue it in this book!

I'm gonna take at least 2 days of rest, I don't want you all waiting, or idk, I just released 4 chapters (I think) today. I don't really know, Wish me luck!

Oh and btw guys I'm so sorry if you don't understand my grammar, I'm trying my best to make this story understandable for you all, cuz English is not really my mother tongue,

I'm from Philippines for all of you gonna ask ;P also I don't have a MC java, I played MCPE pirated TwT so yea..

I'm being honest here, I'm asian, it's too expensive for me to buy the Minecraft Java and Bedrock (or) Pocket (if on phone)

I'll try my best to upload as quickly as possible!!

I love you all guyss

DreamTeam loves ya too ;P

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