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-Dream POV-

'Alright, let's see...' I said as I was scrolling in twitter and I see so many people talking about
Y/N and I saw people posted screenshot yesterday, It was quite funny.

But I'm worried because Y/N is not used to this kind of stuff, maybe I'll call her, I got her number.

I dial Y/N's Number and I was surprised that she picked up fast that I could imagine.

"Hello?" Y/N said, I love hearing her voice, such an angelic tone.

"YYYYY/NNNNNN, How's goiiiinggggg???" I said in idiotic way.

She laughed at me and saying she was fine, she said that she saw my post also the comments on twitter that she's Dream's Girlfriend.

Telling me that she already have a basher because she ruined 'DreamNotFound' or 'Gream' shippers, I told her to shrugged it off.

"Y/N.. Don't worry about that, I'll tell everyone that it was just a joke." I say soothingly.

She agreed me to tell everyone and we said our goodbyes and I opened my Desktop.

When the boys is with us I call her by her nickname, cuz why not? It's cute and calling her feels butterfly in my stomach, I don't know why.

-time skip-

We are all on the call together, and I told them that we're recording.

"Alright guys, so we have a new hunter today," I said.

"You guys remember her?" I looked at Y/N and Giggled.

"We troll you guys, Y/N is my Best Friend since I started doing speed run,"

"She's really not 'new' in dream team, she's actually the 1st member, she came up with the names and there you go."

Im telling everyone and I went Sprinting to the tree.


"Guys I'll go get the resources you 3 hunt dr-" BBH said

"OH MY GOD GUYS, DREAM IS GETTING AWAY!!" Bad yells at us and we ran same direction as dream.

While me, George and Sapnap Chasing dream, I go to the nearest tree and make myself a wooden axe and craft 2 wooden sword for George and Sapnap,

"HE ALREADY HAVE A SWORD!!" Sapnap ran opposite direction to prevent dream hitting a sword on him

"REEEEEEEEEEEEEE" George screech

"COME HEREEE!!!" Dream yelled at them.

I saw George and Sapnap running in the distance I came over them and drop the swords and charge at dream, I use wooden axe on dream and he was about to die.

wooden Axe dealt much damage than a wooden sword, that's why I always use them.

"Oh my god" Dream placing random blocks to slow me down.

"Oh Dreaaam~~" I said in murderous tone.

"Oh god leave me alone!" Dream jumped on the water and swim away.

I saw george and sap on the boat chasing the swimming dream.

Dream broke the boat and killed George, Sapnap Swimming away and he chase him.

-time skip-

We saw dream getting blaze rod, beside the spawner we all have full iron armor, with iron tools, dream have diamond sword, Dream fire the arrow on me and I fell but I clutch almost falling in the lava.

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