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"Manhunt is Over.."


I twisted the man's head and looked at George.

"I-If it's over t-then-" George stabs Y/N in her stomach.

I shook my head and saw what happened, I gained control over my sanity.


He dropped Y/N down on the cold floor.



I saw from my back, It's Sapnap who triggered the gun, George got shot in the shoulder and knee.

I pushed George and ran over to Y/N, I held her weak body over to me, I place her head on my lap and held her hand tightly.

Sapnap done tying up George on the chair and duct taping his mouth and came over to grab the first aid kit on my bag and aid Y/N while I was here holding her hands.

"You saved me..." She whispered, and coughing a blood out of her mouth.

"Clay..?" Her eyes were tired and looks like she needed to sleep.

"No Y/N!!" I cried, she whipped my tears from my face and smiled at me.

"Don't cry Clay... I'm here... Shhhh.." Her eyes is closing by itself but she keeps fighting for it to open.

"N/N, please you will survive!!!" Sapnap said while doing the first aid carefully but quickly.

Y/N guided my head over to her forehead, and she Kissed me, I kissed her back and cried, we broke our kiss and looked at Y/N.

"Clay.." She whispered.

"I Love You...." She creases my cheek with her soft lighted hand, Her eyes began closing, I panic.

".....so much.." She smiled, and she closed her eyes.

"I- I love you too Y/N, Please stay with me!!" I cried.

I place my ear over her chest, She's no longer beating.

"N-No.. Y-Y/N, it's a j-joke right?!!!" I shake her to wake up.

"Please Y/N...Baby, Wake Up!!!" I cried Harder.

I kissed her one last time.

"Y/N, Don't leave me...."

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