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-Sapnap POV-

It's been 3 days since Y/N git discharge  in the hospital, we're now in the car, with George, Clay, and Y/N,

We're going places where Y/N has been in the past year, It might I think help us to regain her memories back,

We are now in F/R , where we, DreamTeam have our first dinner night, It's fun back then, but now we're in serious situation if Y/N will remember us or be truly forgotten and create new memories again.

"This looks familiar to me," we all look at Y/N with a smile on it,

"But, I don't really know why.. But I seems to like it in here," We almost saddened our faces,

We ordered food and her F/F , of course, we eat and talk she seems having fun,

"Guys, I really liked in here, can we visit again sometimes?" She asked while eating her food.

"Of course Y/N," Clay said and we all smile,

It's now time to head to the park, It's not really the place we're thinking, Dream is on the driver's seat and he's driving us to the nearest park.

Minutes passed by, we're now seating on the park bench and discussing where should we head next,

"Alright, I'll go get a drink for us," George said.

We all sit there in silence untill George came with a F/D he also bought a snacks for us to eat.

"So, here's the thing, I don't know where should we go next, 'kay?" Dream said we all think a possible places to go,

"I can't think of anything!" I said and drink some F/D.

"I mean we visited ALL of it, now where should we go next?!!" I asked them, my brain is about to explode because of this place thinking.

It's not that I don't want to help U/N it's that the fact we visited all of them, I think and Y/N still didn't regain any of it.

"Uhm I-" George was cut of by dream.

"Actually, There's 2 places we never visit, Except 1 for George." Dream said.

"What is it, Clay?" Y/N asked him.

Dream said;

" One is at George House. "

" Two is at the Abandoned House. "

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