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-George POV-

"I had a Nightmares during my sleep."

We ask Y/N what it is,

"Okay... So this is the story...." She said and start.

"But I can't remember the other parts, if it that's okay..." She added

"No, It's okay Y/N, we're here, and we're gonna listen to you nightmares." I said me and Nick are all ears.

"I-I was calling someone, and I think Im in a cabinet Hiding.." She said, I look at Sapnap, his face is kinda know where's that came from.

"And then.. I Heard a loud bang... And the person on the phone said that He will save me.." She continue.

"Oh my god..." Nick said and he looked at me, 'I don't know what's going on!' I shrugged it off.

"And then this tall masked guy open the cabinet door... And I was kicking randomly.. He picked me up and then put me inside a black vehicle.." She said, My face went pale.

"I know what she's talking about.." I said to Sapnap and he nod that he is too.

I was sweating, but that was 3 years ago, They all forgive me and I changed a lot, I was madly inlove with Clay back then, But now, I know my limit.

'I know my limit that I'm just a Friend.'

I moved on and we continue our careers as Minecraft Youtubers, no one else knew about that except the dream team and Y/N's Mom.

Y/N's Mom forgave me after 2 years, it's hard but finally she forgave me.

"And then.. The car drove I'm screaming for help I saw this guy trying to chase the car, he has a brown hair.. I can't see it 'cause the color of the window.." She's fidgeting her fingers.

"Time pass.. They drag me in  the cold cell.. And then I b blacked out" she said looking down.

"Oh god.." I say and covering my mouth.

'I'm so sorry Y/N.'

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