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I fell heavy arms on me and I feel breathing, I opened my eyes I see someone hugging me in the bed, i looked up, it's Dream.

I blushed, and slowly wiggle to escape from his hold.

"No, stay..." He said with a raspy voice and pulling me closer on his chest.

I nod and decides to closed my eyes and fell asleep again, being in Dream's arms makes me feel safe and comfortable.

-George POV-

I'm done drinking my coffee and visit Dream and N/N, I quietly open the door and tip toed, I saw Dream hugging Her, 'that so cute!'

I pick my phone in my pocket and took a pick of them, I forgot my volume is on MAX, My camera went 'click!' I see Dream opening his eyes, I ran fast and not to make noises, and Close the door Quietly.

-Dream's POV-

As I heard clicking noises I started opening my eyes, I saw George coming out from the room, I'm guessing he took pictures of us.

"Good morning Y/N.." I whispered and put her hair that's on her face on the back of her ear so I could see her beautiful face.

"Morning~" she murmured 'that's cute'

She looked at me and she blushes, she smiled at me and I smiled back. I let her get off the bed and we do our morning routine. And I put my fully charge phone on my pocket.

Y/N went out of the room first and I go follow her. I saw all of them chilling in the living room,

"Good morning Love birds." Sapnap said sipping a cup of coffee

"Morning.." I yawned.

"Here" George gave me a cup of coffee,

"Thanks" I took it and drink it.

I feel my phone Vibrated, meaning there's a notification. I checked my phone, someone texted me, It's Y/N's mom.

:How's my Baby doing?

I smiled and giggle a little. They all both looked at me "What?" I ask

"Oooo~ N/N has a Rival~" George said.

"Uhh, No, It's uhm." I said Scratching my head.

I texted Mrs.L/N

=She's doing good, She just woked up, she's drinking a Coffee right now.

:Oh! You two are in the same bed? Be gentle to her okay?!! Don't hurt my baby...I trust you to keep an eye on her. She's my only daughter..

My face went red and I cover my mouth and my eyes went wide open.

"Who's that dream?" I saw Nick/Sapnap coming towards me and snatched my phone.

Sapnap went on shocked too and gave my phone back and I put my index finger on my mouth telling him to keep his mouth shut.

Nick Nod and then washed His cup, George looked confused also Y/N. I texted Mrs.L/N back

=Don't worry Mrs. L/N, I'm always right by her side, I will protect your daughter at all cost. I love her..

=and I will be gentle on her, I promise :)

I sent it and I read it and I didn't mean to said that I love her I panic and I don't know what to do I just leave it there.

:I know that you love her, same goes at Y/N,she don't want anyone talking about her feelings. Have fun on your vacation.

=Thank you Mrs.L/N, stay safe.

After that I closed my phone. And finished my coffee.

"What's that, Sap?" George ask.

"I can't tell you.." He said scratching his head

I looked at my snapchat I saw George sent me a picture and I looked at George.

"GEORRRGEEE!!!!" I walk over to him, I grabbed his ear and drag him outside the living room so they wont hear us, "Ow ow owww!!" Said george while dragging him.

I put my phone's screen infront of him and he looked the picture that he sent.

"Uhm Dream I didn't let Sap see that. I pictured it because you two look cute together," said with a smile.

"Okay, I'll let you go." I said we go back to the living room.

"You guys are really weird today.." Y/N said munching some pocky that I bought yesterday.

I took a huge bite on her pocky few inches close to her lips and ate it.

"Thanks" I ate the pocky, Y/N face went shock and has a hint of redness on her face.

"And yes, we are weird today." I said while munching the pocky.

I saw George looking at his twitter, Sapnap looking at his YT channel while Y/N eating my pocky and looking at my vid of manhunt with DreamTeam and BBH

I shrugged and I went to our room, we have our own bathroom in here, I grab my towel and my things and went to the bathroom.

-time skip-

I was done showering I have Dark blue shorts because I'm only in the house,I'm gonna wear a shirt or hoodie when going outside. I put my towel on my shoulder and dry my hair.


I was Folding Clothes inside the room and put it on the drawer, I hear a door opening in the bathroom.

My face went red, I saw Clay only with a Short on and a towel on his shoulder drying his hair, a perfect toned body.

"I-" I cover my face with a pillow.

I feel Dream coming towards me.

"Like what you see?" He whisper and lick the shell of my ear.

"No..!" I throw a pillow directly at his face and he somehow catches it when its about to hit his face, he put the pillow on the bed and grinned at me.

"Perv.." I murmured and He winked at me and went outside of the room.

'Damn you Clay.'

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