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*Beep* ..... *Beep* ..... *Beep* ..... *Beep*

I slowly opened my eyes, I'm in a white room, a machine on my side, and the other has a IV Drip that's connected to my body, My vision is blurry.

I close my eyes, It's hard for me to adjust. How long am I been sleeping?

I opened my eyes again, and Looked around once more, 'Am I in the hospital?..' I saw someone sitting on the chair.

I can't clearly see due to my vision is a bit blurry, he has a black hair, his skin is white, has a grey hoodie, black pants, a slim body frame.

-George POV-

I'm watching some streamers on twitch while sitting on hospital chair, It's comfy but cold in here, Y/N has been laying there for almost 8months, she had car accident, and we're waiting for her to wake up.

I heard someone trying to speak I looked at her, It's Y/N, she woke up!!

"Oh my god.." My eyes went wide and I ran outside to call the doctor, Once we're in the room, He analysed Y/N, She will gonna stay for a bit longer.

I called the others to come in here, Dream said he's coming there right away, Nick on the other side he said he's 2hours aways so it's gonna took a long time for him to come here.

"Y/N?" I called her, she didn't look at me, She keeps looking around.

"Are you feeling okay?" I asked, she looked at me, and nodded (yes) I smiled, I Heard someone running from the hallways.

I saw Dream panting heavily outside the frame of the door, he walked towards to me,

"How she is?, Is she okay?" He asked me, I told him that she was fine,

He nod to me and I went outside and gave the lovers both some time and space.

-Dream POV-

I saw George walking outside, I walked over to her and she looked at me.

I sat beside her, hold her hand, she looked at me and I smiled.

"Y/N, I'm here now, How are you." I asked her and she looked at me,

"G-Good.." She whispered. Her faced looks like we just met, we've been together for years now, I was gonna propose her on her birthday but, a tragic happened, she go hit by another car.

"Uhmm..." She said.

"Who are you...?"

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