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- Dream POV -

I woke up, I looked at my shoulder to see Y/N leaning on me, I think she fell asleep too, I looked at my watch to see it's already 6PM, they must been driving for whole 6hours.

I looked at the front seat, Seeing Sapnap is Driving the car, and George is sleeping,

I slowly move Y/N and place her head gently on my Lap, I looked at the window I see familiar road, I think we're close.

-mini timeskip-


"Hey Y/N, wake up, We're here." I feel a tapping on my shoulder, hearing a familiar voice that's calling me.

I opened my eyes to see it's Clay, I was sleeping on his lap, I sit up and rub my eyes,

"Where are we?" I ask him.

"At George's place." He said and opened the door for me, we went inside the house.

"Hey Y/N, how are you feeling?" Said George.

"I'm Okay Gogy." I smiled at him.

I walk in the living room, this place is really something that I cannot put a finger to it.

I don't know, it's seems like I've been here before, I sat beside Nick, He's watching F/S (favorite show).

"Oh hey Y/N, Wanna watch too?," Nick said to me.

"Yeah I want to watch it too." I smiled at him.

-George POV-

"Hey Dream, Want some?" George hand me a F/F, he took some and ate it.

We sat on the sofa and we watch TV together, a moment of silence of eating and watching TV

"It's 9PM now, We need to go to the last place tommorow."Dream spoke. Breaking the silence,

"Oh yea I totally forgot about that.." Nick said and picked up the plates and wash them.

"Hey George could you get me a extra Blanket and Pillow? I'm sleeping here." He said,

"What about Y/N? Don't tell me you're leaving Y/N alone in that room?" I said pointing at the door near the stairs.

"Alright, If she wants me to sleep inside of that room, I'm sleeping on the floor, I don't want Y/N to think I'm a creep." Said Dream.

I got up and went up stairs to get Dream's need. After getting all the things I went back living room and gave it to Dream.

"Here." I said

"Thanks George." He smiled at me, I smiled back at head back to my room,

-Dream POV-

"Hey Nick You're not going to sleep?" I  ask him.

"Oh I'll sleep later, I'm not sleepy yet." He said and scrolling to his phone.

"Oh, Alright. Hey Y/N, I'll take you to your Room." I stand up and Walk towards the room close to the stairs, Y/N Followed me.

She Opened the Door and went in first, after about 4 steps she stopped, she looked at me, I looked at her face,
I can't read it, It's like she's Shock, at the same time, Terrified.


Hi Guys!!
There's a new book coming out soon!
I publish a chapter (but not the part of the actual story)

Feel free to guess the title ^^


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