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-Dream POV-

Alright, This is the day where we gonna visit Gorge's house, we get our things, and put it in the car,

"Dream? Are you really sure about this?" George ask me

"Of course, I am, Even tho it's a bad memory from Y/N I still risk it." I said

"This is the only chance we got if Y/N did not remember this, We're all starting from the moment we met her, and I don't want that," I closed the back door of the car

"We've been together in years, George you know that, I really don't want her to forget me." I added.

"But Dream I-" I cut off George.

"I know you really don't want this, I don't care, 'kay? Even if it's Y/N's memories regain start from this shit you plan 3 years ago." I said.

"Alright.." George said and sat on the driver's seat.

-George POV-

I wait for them to get inside the car, as I was waiting, I'm extremely uncomfortable with Dream's decision,

'I mean, I really want Y/N to remember us, all of us, but is there any possible ways rather than this?' I was thinking and tapping the steering wheel.

'I know Dream is being serious this time, I don't really know why I do that to Y/N, I just don't underst-'

"Earth to Gogy???" Sapnap cut me off.

"Oh sorry, I was spacing out.." I said to him.

"It's okay George." He said.

"Okay, Well then, is Everyone ready?" I said and they all nod in agreement.

'This is a really long day ahead of us..'

Sorry guys! This chapter is too short "^^

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