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Soooo all of you are asking on what happened to the story since I destroy all of your braincells (also mine),,

I'll try explaining it here.

The "real" Y/N is still in coma, you're stuck in a timeloop or keep 'repeating the same dream' I would say.

The one who put you into a coma wasn't George, so don't worry. Every Y/N's dream is the same story plot but with different person.

Like the ending, Y/N is with BBH but in the first part he wasn't there.

Everytime Y/N's dream restarted it's mixing some scene from her past memories.

Like this;

Scene 1
George is with you in the haunted house together with Dream (or something) and always scaring you.

Scene 2
Some random psychopath kidnapped you and put you in their basement to scare/torment you.


Scene 1 and 2 got mixed.
Instead of a Random person. You're seeing George's Face tormenting you.


[[ I hope this answers all of your questions, I'm bad at explaining in english ]]

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