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"After that... He choke me and I saw two guy opening the door and then the guy choking me came slamming me against the wall." I said.

As I continue telling them and they just look each other, I just shrugged it off, seeing opening the door, I saw a Dirty-brown haired guy, with a bag of food.

"Oh hey guys, what are you guys talking about?" He said and closing the door.

He gave me F/F and a F/D, that's weird I only ask a food but he knows that my favorite to drink is F/D, I guess that is true that he's special to me,

"Here you go Y/N, eat up." He said with a smile on his face.

I dig right in and I see they're eating too.

-George POV-

We were eating and I heard clay was talking to me.

"George, mind telling me what're you guys talking about?" He said.

"Uhmm.."I stopped eating and drink, "She had a nightmare." I said looking at him

"What nightmare?" He ask again, 'God he's not gonna stop until he knows it'

"Oh that.. Her nightmare is about getting.. Kidnapped..3 years ago?"

"Alright," He said and shrugged it off, I guess he don't want to remember that past,of course.

We were just eating, Y/N first to finish and we looked at the door to see the Doctor opening it.

"Sorry to interrupt," the Doctor said.

"Miss L/N can Discharge on Tuesday."

Tuesday... That's means we have 4 days more,

We nod in agree and and continue what we're doing.

-time skip-

-Dream POV-

It's night time, George and Sapnap head back home, I stayed overnight in the hospital to make Y/N comfortable,

"C-Clay right?" She called me.

"Right." I said to her with a smile.

"Are you going to sleep here?", she said.

"Yes, but not in the bed, I'm sleeping on the couch, of course." I said jokingly, we don't fit in the bed.

If we fit on there, I still don't wanna sleep beside her, she just lost her memories, I don't want to be a creep to her.

"Alright," she make herself comfortable on her hospital bed.

I walked over to her and but a blanket,

"Goodnight, Y/N.." I whispered to her and closed the light.

I walk over to the couch and lay down.

"Goodnight C-Clay.." She said.

'Goodnight, my baby'

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