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I woke up 5 am in the morning, I got up from the couch, I see Y/N still sleeping,

I walk outside to breathe some fresh air, I sat on the bench and took out my phone.

I opened my twitter to see people praying for Y/N, it's kinda nice to see.

They all know that we're on a relationship, but I still didn't do a face reveal.

I'm too shy to have a cam pointing at my face while everyone is watching me play, it's kinda weird, I don't know why Y/N, Nick and George can handle that situation.

Thomas (TommyInnit) Darryl (BBH) and Zak (Skeppy), visited Y/N a few months ago, it's kinda fun to have them around, we have a fun time together with dreamteam, but it's more fun if Y/N was awake..

After a few minutes I head back to her room, she's still sleeping, I guess I'll just watch some streamers.

-time pass-

-George POV-

I see Clay is sleeping on the couch, It's 9am now, I saw Y/N is awake,Quietly reading F/B , She noticed me and I waved at her.

She waved at me and smiled, I blushed a little. And head back reading.

'Wait... What?!!!'

I placed some fruits down from the desk, and I sat beside Dream.

"Hey, Georgie right?" She said not too loud to wake dream up.

I nod and smiled at her, "Yes, Gorgie it is."

She put her feet out of the bed, I ran over her before she got out and stopped her.

"Wait N/N!, you can't get out of the bed yet. I put her feet back on the bed.

"Awh, But I want to go.." She crossed her arms and pout.

She opened and book and continue reading it, I went back to my seat I saw Clay scratching his eyes and yawning.

I looked at Y/N, she's looking at Dream and a raised eyebrows, I laugh.

"Oi Dream shh, Y/N is reading."

"Oh- Sorry about that." Clay said.

3 days more, I can't wait to take Y/N to her F/R, that's her favorite place to eat, it's delicious there, specially F/F

'Soon Y/N, soon.'

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