A Simple Melody by imperfectdreamer
A Simple Melodyby imperfectdreamer
Failing in an audition is devastating, and no one understands that more than Destiny Lockheart. When Destiny enters Dream Arts, a college for Performing Arts, the self-c...
  • college
  • celebrity
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Neglected and Abused Male Reader x Soul Eater by alienator999
Neglected and Abused Male Reader x...by alienator999
You were just a harmless kid but you had the worst life. You parents starved and beat you for no reason. What's worse is that your brother and sister thought it was funn...
  • patty
  • stein
  • tsubaki
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Bulletproof *Agents of Shield* by damneddreamer
Bulletproof *Agents of Shield*by Fandoms are Family
HYDRA finally created their most successful experiments. Siren and Fox were stronger, faster and more deadly than the Winter Soldier. When HYDRA added their assassins to...
  • coulson
  • marvel
  • agentmay
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❤ Mujhe maaf kar do....❤ by Harshitalover
❤ Mujhe maaf kar do....❤by Harshitalover
Hey guys!....this is a short ff.... This story continues from the time, when randhir is determined to spoil Sanyukta's life. That Secret task in ISRC awake the beast ins...
  • love
  • hurt
  • aryan
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dreamers one shots by br112973
dreamers one shotsby Bre 🐻(no so innocent teddy b...
one shots about the dream team.a amazing group of friends who are YouTubers.i did this book because why not.
  • itsrichiew
  • dreamteam
  • 3amgaming
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x SHARE AND TUTORIALS x by -Dream-Team
>share. Credit: google, XIAO-XUE (DA), tekmile (DA), missguard (DA)
  • packshare
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meet the dream team 18 by IAmSeasons
meet the dream team 18by Seasons
the dream team everyone
  • cast
  • iamseasons
  • dt18
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Love Is A Risk by royalspicegang
Love Is A Riskby royalspicegang
This story is about the love story between Queen Naija and ClarenceNYC and basically I will be going threw real life experiences and also Queen is pregnant so I will qui...
  • spicygang
  • spicymafia
  • clarenceandqueen
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mario and luigi oneshots by sleepypiillo
mario and luigi oneshotsby mia
all of these oneshots will be based on the nintendo, specifically mario rpgs that have been released over the years. also quite a bit of paper mario too. :) warning: th...
  • mushroomkingdom
  • princepeasley
  • marioandluigi
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Ohmtoonz by Sauou-
Ohmtoonzby Sauou-
Ohmwrecker/Cartoonz drabbles.
  • cartoonz
  • dreamteam
  • ohmwrecker
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What about Angels? by SoulReader007
What about Angels?by JenniJam
"I don't know, I just thought you'd make a great angel. Maybe you were sent from heaven so we both wouldn't be alone" I wanted to write a drabble about Mario...
  • dreambert
  • dreamteam
  • marioandluigi
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Dream Team: Kuroko No Basket LAST GAME by shirotoramina
Dream Team: Kuroko No Basket LAST...by shirotoramina
Being known to have even blown the socks of NBA players, the players from America became known in Japan, the Jabberwock. Their exceptional talent in street ball earned...
  • jabberwock
  • seirin
  • silver
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The Owl Next Door (H2Ovanoss)  by bite87n83
The Owl Next Door (H2Ovanoss) by Windy Mask
There come's a time and place a hero is born. Raised by a poor family and a dream to help the need for a safer future. I bring you Jonathan a hero and with supernatural...
  • cartoonz
  • bbs
  • vanossgaming
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I'M LOST WITHOUT YOU (Sandhir One-shot)✔️ by crazywriter1116
I'M LOST WITHOUT YOU (Sandhir One...by Sarah
It was so easy for him to walk away, she thought. Many times, she tried to call him, reach out to him but he didn't respond. Eventually, she gave up. But somewhere, he t...
  • competition
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Dreaming Reality (Dreamy!LuigixInkling!Reader) by bendyzipper
Dreaming Reality (Dreamy!LuigixInk...by *LOUD BASS DROP*
is reality really what it seems? ---------------------------------------------- okay so this is my first legit attempt at a fanfiction yippee and as i am not suprised t...
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
  • luigi
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Mario & Luigi: One-Shots by Fandom-Lover-Girl
Mario & Luigi: One-Shotsby FandomLover
From Antasma to Fawful, to the Mushroom Kingdom to the Pi'illow Kingdom. To Readers to the characters within the game itself, these stories are for you and everyone else...
  • luigi
  • mario
  • dreamteam
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Not quite depression  by yourqueenloki
Not quite depression by Loki
Not quite depressed but not quite happy, somewhere in between
  • sadness
  • notes
  • depression
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Mario & Luigi Dream Team Rp by Drunk-Lamp
Mario & Luigi Dream Team Rpby bAD DrEAMs
Yea... I'm a bored pototo
  • dreamteam
  • mario
  • antasma
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Pripara! Dream Team Dream High! by Vocaldoll_Falulu
Pripara! Dream Team Dream High!by Lilian~♥
Lala Mia Naru and Aira will form a dream team called Dream High and they are lacking a member. Will Rosa succeed to be the last and final member of their team? Or will t...
  • lala
  • saints
  • pripara
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