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-Y/N's POV-

Alright.. The day has come. I grabbed my things and went downstairs to see my mom packed some food and some water in my bag. I was ready to leave, I call a grab earlier and went outside saying goodbye to my mom,

I'm here at the Airport waiting for the plane to arrive, while waiting I chatted dream and sap in our gc

N/N: hiyaaa

Sap: Hey N/N!!

I took a picture of my shoes and on my side is my bag and a hint of the view of the airport and I send it

N/N: I'm still nervous.

I guess dream is not online..

Sap: hey it's alright just chill


N/N: Thanks George!

-time skips-

I took a picture in the plane's window, it's cool, and I went back to sleep, so many hours to wait untill I see my friends.

I woke up that I am already here, the plane is gonna land now.

-time skips-

I'm so exhausted I waited them in the mall besides the fountain, I see Sapnap, He's tall, but not that really tall just few inches tall.

I walked to him and he looked at me.

"Sapnap?" I said to him

"Yes it's me, is that you N/N?!!!" Sapnap asked

"Maybe?" We laughed and we sat beside the fountain.

"Oh... Dream texted me that he has an emergency..." Sapnap looks sad "and he will be I think on the next day." He said trying to cheer me up.

"Oh! It's alright, let's go to George's place." I said to him because I'm really tired.

-timeeeee skippuuuu-

Its noon now and we arrive at george's street and came to find the right house and then.
I knock the front door of George's house

"George? We are hereeee!" I heard clicking noises that means that the door is now unlock.

"HIIII N/N!!! and HI NICK!" George said excitedly. Sapnap waved at him.

"Dream said to sapnap that he will be late and-" someone tackled me.

He has a dirty brown hair, and his hoodie is up, it's a white hoodie that has a smiley face on it, he has facemask so I don't know who clearly that was.

I see george was recording all this time.

"Hey Y/N." I hear his voice, it's DREAM! he said while hugging me on the ground and he stand up he helped me stand up and grabbed my bag put it in the living room.

"DREAMM?!! I thought you're not gonna make it" I told him slightly blushing.

Dream went closer to me and my blush slowly becoming visible, lucky that I have facemask on and he whispered. "It was a part of the plan" he giggled.

-time skip-

"Okay so, Like I said there's only ONE extra room in here... Me and Nick share in my room, you and Dream are sharing the other." George says pointing to us. And then the door next to the stairs.

"Uhmm.. It's okay to me, I don't mind.." I said and went to the living room and grab my bag but someone stole in my hands, it was Dream,

George and Sapnap went upstairs so me and Dream, are alone down stairs.

"Dream you don't need to do that.. I can carry that in the room." I said shyly and he refuse.

"No, I know you're tired so let me help and you can sleep in the room now, there's still a tomorrow so don't worry." He said opening the door and put my bag beside on the bed.

"Thanks Dream!" I remove my hoodie and facemask so that its comfortable to sleep and I plop myself on the bed.

"I'm tireeeed!! Tell the other I'm going to sleep.." And I fall asleep.

-Dream POV-

It's only 6pm and Y/N is sleeping already, maybe she's just super tired..

'Sleepwell my Y/N..' I said in my thoughts,

I went upstairs and charge and George room.

"Yo."  I said and George jumped.

"AHHH! You scared me Dream!" George says with his hand on his chest.

Sapnap was laughing, and same as me.

"Oh where's Y/N by the way?" George ask.

"Oh she's sleeping already." I said.

"Wanna go outside?" George said and smiled

"Sure, I'm not that tired, so let's go!" Sapnap said.

"Aight me too!" I said.

We walk outside of the house and George locked the door and we went on the groceries, I never thought that I was taller.. Both of them are like the same height and I'm few inches taller.

I am looking around while we are walking, I heard people greeting George and Nick, so I stay Low and walk few inch to them.

I picked F/F (favourite food) that Y/N liked, and I went to Nick to put it on the basket, He's the one holding the basket.

-Nick's POV-

George and I looking for something good to eat while Dream running around the store, and Putting things in the basket.

"Oi Dream has a Lot of freaking stuff." I said to George.

"Pfft, Maybe the others are for Y/N" George said while laughing

"Alright that's all I guess." Dream said.

"Seriously?" I said trying not to laugh

"What?" He said and Me and George Broke down Laughing.

"The basket is full I guess we go in the counter now, it's pretty heavy." I said and we all agreed.

After that I pay all we bought, and we have each bag, George has Snacks, Sapnap has the different kinds of food, and mine has a Drinks on it.

We were chatting and laughing until we are inside of the house.

"Let's eat first before going to bed, I'm hungry." I said to them we all agreed after that I brushed my teeth and take a quick shower.

I opened the door and I see Y/N sleeping on the other side of the bed. Should I sleep beside her or sleep on the floor?

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