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"Mom, can I go vacation with my friend?" I told her scratching the back of my head.

"Your friend? With Clay?" She said and grinning at me.

"Uhmm, Yeah with Dream , George and Sapnap." I added.

"Sure, Honey." She said and I open my phone and tell in the discord.

Sapnap and dream agreed to stay there for a month. I quickly reply to them that I will tell her again.

"Mom, I uhhh the vacation will last about a month." And My mom looked at me

"I will not Allow you to join" I frowned and opened my phone but mom added. "If you Give me Clay's Number.. Maybe I will Allow you to join" she smiled

I was shock and I gave Dreams number.

"Okay, You are allowed now, tell me when And I will pack you some food on your trip.

"Yeees!! Thanks mom!" I kissed her in the cheeks and hug her.

-Dream POV-

I was eating some noodles and I heard a pop on my phone, someone DM me, I looked at it ,It was Y/N.

Y/N: Dreaaaaaam I gave your number to my mom.

Dream: whyyyy?

Y/N: I don't knoooww she told me that if I gave your number to her she will allow me to go.

Dream: oh, I'll check if someone txt me

Y/N: Okay (〃'▽'〃)

I closed the discord app and went on my message. I saw a number

: Is this Clay?

=Yes mrs.L/N (last name) This is Clay or a.k.a Dream

I drink my water 'cause this noodles is pretty damn spicy

:oh good, Son, Can you keep an eye for my daughter, She said that you're joining on the vacation too...

I choked my water and read again what Mrs.L/N said to me.

I blushed that She called me 'Son' and that I keep an eye on Y/N

=Count me In, Mrs.L/N! I keep an eye for your daughter, and protect her if I must.

I went back and called Y/N to tell everything.

Y/N was shocked, also me too..

"Clay?" She said

"Yes, Baby?" I told her seriously.

"Wait wait wait!! Don't hang up." I told her while laughing.

"What is it, Y/N?" I asked her

"Oh nothing, I forgot what I was gonna ask." She said

"Oh, Bye dream, Mom's calling me, I forgot we're going groceries today."

"Okay Y/N, Stay Safe..I love you" she hang up, I can't believe I slip my tongue, I hope she get that as a joke, or  didn't heard it.

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