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"Who are you...?"

My heart sank when I heard Three words coming out of her mouth.

"You don't know who I am, Y/N?" I said in a sad tone.

She continue to look at me and around the room. "I- I don't know..." She whispered, "are you.. special to me?" She added.

"Of course Y/N, I am special to you." I put a sad smile on my face.

"Sorry to Interrupt, But I heard that Ms. L/N couldn't remember you, am I correct?" I heard the doctor walking towards us.

"Yes... You hear that right, Doctor..." I say and stand up.

"Hmmm let's see..." The doctor said, and ask Y/N a ton of questions, after that I see the tat Doc is writing something.

He fix his glasses and face me. "Ms.L/N has a Memory lost, I think that she hit her head badly during the accident.."

"Will her memory come back?" I ask the Doc, he sigh and said.

"It will come back but it will gonna took a long time to restore all of her memory." The doctor said.

"Alright, We're gonna restore her memories." The Doctor put a concern look on me.

"There's a chance that her memories will not come back." He added, My face went shock.

The doctor came close the door and leaving me and Y/N alone to have some time together.

"Y/N, Do you want to eat?" I ask her.

"F/F (Favourite Food)..." She said shyly.

"Okay!! Wait here and I will be back! I'll go Find George to stay with you." I said and Kissed her in her forehead, and went outside.

I was walking outside and I see George and Sapnap too, 'woah He arrived quickly!' I waved at them.

"Hey guys you can go back to Y/N's Room, I'm gonna buy some F/F, and F/D (favourite drink)"

"Alright! Good luck Clay." George said and they head back.

-George POV-

"Nick? Wanna race?" I said, He nod and we both ran to her room.

I open the door, "Hi Y/N!!" I said excitedly.

We three both talk together, and took a photo and laughing from the dumb things I make.

"It's fun to have you guys here." She said.

"Even if I don't remember all of you, I think that we're all very close friends back then!" She smile and giggle

"Glad to hear that Y/N," Nick said and we both smiled.

"Guys.." Y/N said and she look sad and terrified.

"What it is Y/N?" Nick said to her.

We all both sat in silent and she look at us, looking for words what to say, she sighed and finally talk.

"I had a Nightmares during my sleep."

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