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"Wakey wakey, Y/N." I heard voices outside the bars.

"You know.." He said opening the door, releasing my chain.

"I always wanted to be like you Y/N.." Creasing my face.

He opened his phone and gave it to me, I saw me and Dream sleeping while Dream hugging me. I cried I missed being on Dream's arms.

"You know Y/N I always think that If you're gone Dream will love me the same way as He loves you right now~" He's sliding his knife on my neck.

"I'm Jealous N/N~" he said and he grabbed my hair, forcing me to stand up and dragging me out of my cell.

"I Love Dream!! Why he's not noticing that?!!" He kneed my stomach, and punching it.

"I LOVE DREAAM!!" He repeated punching me untill I cough some blood.

I took all of my strength and removed his facemask, I was shock who is it.


-Sapnap POV-

Dream released me from his gripped when we're inside the basement.

"Dream, Which door should we open?" I asked and Dream grin.

"All." He said and he start kicking the door One by One.

'He lost his sanity.'

I checked inside all the rooms that Dream opened.

1st room: none

2nd room: just boxes all over the place

3rd room: dusty furnitures

The 6th room, Dream forgot to opened, there's a light coming from the crack of the door, I opened it, I saw Y/N was choking by a guy.

"What 'cha gonna do when I come for you~" I heard Dream sang and ran passed through me, I saw Dream was about to get tackled by this man I think that's the leader but I can't see the other guy's face.


He's choking me, I can't feel the ground.

'Is this where I'm gonna die...?'

I heard a clicking sound, It was a door, someone is opening it. It's Sapnap, I cried and I heard a voice echoing.

Dream was about to get tackled from this man that I kicked earlier.

'No dream... He's going to kill you...'

I was about to loose my breath Untill he throw me against the cold wall, I was coughing and small blood coming out of my mouth, I grasp for air.

Seeing Dream sliding and hitting his knee with a Hatchet. I saw his face, it's not him anymore.


-Dream POV-

"Manhunt is over."


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